Transdisciplinary Journal of Conflict Management

A Scholarly Community Supported by the Center for Conflict Management at The University of Akron

Volume 1 (2010)

Racial Conflicts in America, Rafah Al-Obaid - (pp. 1-9)
Race and Racial Conflict, Omoyeman Alli - (pp. 10-19)
Law, Mediation, and Violence, Alyssa Bailey - (pp. 20-31)
Digging Deep into Racism, Wesley Baynes - (pp. 32-40)
Law, Mediation and Society, Erica Biedenbach - (pp. 41-49)
Race and Community, Kristilyn Cottle - (pp. 50-58)
A Black Prospective on Racial Conflict in Akron, Douglas Gray - (pp. 59-67)
Understanding Law, Mediation and Violence, Chelsay Jackson - (pp. 68-77)
The Evolution of Racism, Amanda Johnson - (pp. 78-89)
Urban League Story Circle #3, Tracee McClain -(pp. 90-99)
America, the Land of Lost Opportunity, James Phillips - (pp. 100-107)
Racial Conflict, Whitley Pressley - (pp. 108-114)

Volume 2 (2011)

Spinning a Web of Discrimination, Aaron Richardson - (pp. 1-23)
King’s Way: A Christian Approach to Conflict, Emily Tillman - (pp. 24-31)
King’s Way: An Approach to Conflict, Devin Yauger - (pp. 31-38)
King’s Way: Struggle Against Inequalities, Shaina Ahenger - (pp. 39-49)
E(Racing) the Mark at Last--Ceramics  (powerpoint images)

Volume 3 (2012)

King's Way: A Call to Lovingly Engage in a Search for Truth, Nicole Robinson - (pp. 1-5)
King's Productive Way, Natasha Williams - (pp.6-12)

Volume 4 (2013)

Transforming Racism in Ohio, Misty Franklin - (pp. 1-7)

Volume 5 (2014)

The Drone That Killed a Grandson, Nathan Kemp - (p.1)
Them Dogs, James Phillips - (p.2)

Volume 6 (2015)

Garden, Christina Day, 2009 Reframing Conflict Award Winner
Your Ad Here, Autumn Bland, 2010 Reframing Conflict Award Winner
Backyard, Richie Peterson, 2012 Reframing Conflict Award Winner
Freedom, Marlene Weinstein, 2015 Reframing Conflict Award Winner

Volume 7 (2016)

Art on Election 2016