National Center for Education and Research on Corrosion and Materials Performance

In response to requests from industry and the Department of Defense (DoD), in 2006, The University of Akron launched an effort to help address the more than $400 billion per year impact of corrosion on our nation’s economy.

Through a holistic program that incorporates the nation’s first baccalaureate degree in corrosion engineering, world-class research in corrosion and materials performance as well as workforce development training, UA is creating a pipeline of critical resources that will ensure that future public and private investments in equipment and infrastructure revitalization are designed and implemented in a manner that minimizes the impact of corrosion and thus reduces the life-cycle cost to sustain those assets.

Established by Congress and the DoD in 2010, NCERCAMP is structured to encourage representation and participation across multiple UA colleges as well as partner institutions around the world.

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The mission of the National Center is:

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EDUCATION Support the delivery of all degree programs in Corrosion Engineering

RESEARCH Conduct research that aims to prevent and/or mitigate corrosion and degradation of materials (metals, ceramics, polymers and composites)

WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT Develop and deliver workforce training and certification programs to support the diverse needs of the industry

OUTREACH Sponsor public awareness and policy events highlighting the importance of corrosion education and research

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