Taking Care Week

presented by the Counseling and Testing Center

# ZipsTakingCare

February 25 - Taking Care of Yourself Emotionally

  • Stress Management Fair | Student Union Piano Lounge | 11:30am-1:30pm
    • Relieve some stress with multiple relaxing and fun events in the Union
  • Peace, Love, and Happiness | Student Union 316 | 1-2pm
    • A workshop to help create more peace, love, and happiness in your life

February 26 - Taking Care of Yourself Physically

  • Health Screenings Fair | Polksy, 3rd Floor Atrium | 11:30am-1:30pm
    • Drop by for free health screenings provided by the College of Health Professions
  • HIIT Class | Student Rec and Wellness Center, Studio A | 5:40pm-6:10pm
    • Includes bouts of high intensity exercise followed by lower intensity exercise
  • Dance Fitness Class | Student Rec and Wellness Center, Studio A | 7:15pm-8pm
    • Burn calories and learn new moves dancing to upbeat pop music

February 27 - Taking Care of Others

  • Get Well Cards for Children | Student Union Piano Lounge | 11:30am-1:30pm
    • Spend time with therapy dogs while making cards for Akron Children's Hosptial
  • Ally Training for LGBTQ | Student Union 316 | 9am-12pm
    • A workshop to gain information and skills as an effective ally

February 28 - Taking Care of Your Future Self

  • Future Self Fair | Student Union Piano Lounge | 11:30am-1:30pm
    • Join us for an information fair on ideas and resources to help prepare your career path and life after graduation

March 1 - Five Star Friday Workshops

  • Stress Hackers | Student Union 316 | 11am-12pm
    • Learn to recognize signs of stress and develop positive coping strategies
  • The Link Between Mood and Food | Student Union 316 | 1-2pm
    • Change eating habits to improve your mood