Guidelines for Testing 

The University of Akron Counseling & Testing Center – Testing Services is certified through the National College Testing Association (NCTA), and tests are administered in adherence with NCTA guidelines. A completed On-Campus Proctor Sheet is required for each University of Akron course exam proctored in Testing Services and is the responsibility of the course instructor to complete and provide to testing staff with the exam. Tests are administered according to instructions provided on proctor sheet and administration procedures will not be altered without instructor permission.

All tests are stored in a security room that is accessible by lock and key with limited access among testing staff. The security system is linked to the University of Akron Police Department. All campus tests received by Testing Services are logged into a database documenting receipt, administration, and return of test to instructors, per instructions provided on proctor sheet. Tests returned by campus mail or student delivery are secured in a tamper evident envelope. Faculty or staff requesting to pick up completed exams may be required to provide photo identification and tests will be released only to course instructor or individual designated on proctor sheet. Uncompleted tests are shredded at the end of each semester.

Examinees are not permitted access to personal belongings during exams and may only take into the testing room materials indicated by test company or instructor on proctor sheet. Electronic devices, with the exception of calculators and/or personal computers when designated by instructor or test company, are never permitted in testing rooms. Personal belongings are kept in a locked cabinet until the exam is returned to testing staff. Examinees are required to provide photo identification and to sign-in acknowledging the following rules:

  • NO personal belongings permitted in testing rooms or accessible during exams
  • Breaks during exams prohibited without documentation

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