Brightspace Exams for University of Akron Students

  • Faculty interested in having all Brightspace exams for a course proctored in a testing location should contact Computer Based Assessment & Evaluation (CBAE) at the beginning of the semester.
    • Please note if a student receives testing accommodations (e.g. distraction reduced test environment, extended time) for a course that is testing at CBAE, the student should contact that office at 330-972-6511 or go in person to Schrank Hall North 153 to reserve a distraction reduced room. It is the responsibility of faculty to incorporate time extensions into Brightspace testing. Students must provide a copy of the accommodation letter to CBAE prior to making a reservation for a distraction reduced room. Any further accommodation questions should be directed to the Office of Accessibility in Simmons Hall 105, 330-972-7928.
  • The Counseling & Testing Center – Testing Services (CTC-TS) offers individual make-up and accommodated Brightspace testing only for courses that are not testing in Computer Based Assessment & Evaluation. CTC-TS does not have the capacity to proctor large group computer-based testing.
    • Students without accommodations must schedule an appointment for make-up testing by calling 330-972-7084 or emailing
    • Students with testing accommodations should submit a test request through STARS at
    • Faculty must submit a proctor sheet for any student testing in CTC-TS or the Office of Accessibility so we are aware of your expectations for each test.
    • For Brightspace exams, please set the IP address range [IP Restriction (IPv4)] as to AND to If the IP address range is not restricted, please set a password and provide on the proctor sheet. 
  • Please be sure to include specific information about required testing location (Computer Based Assessment and Evaluation in Schrank Hall; Counseling & Testing Center in Simmons Hall; Office of Accessibility in Simmons Hall; do not use general terms such as “test center” unless you have set up an exam to be taken at any location) and dates on your syllabus, as staff in each office will refer to students to your syllabus to direct to the testing location. In the absence of this information, we will attempt to contact faculty.
  • If you require assistance setting up or modifying Brightspace testing, or have questions about Respondus Monitor (record and review exam delivery, not proctored in testing centers) please contact Design & Development Services.