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Akron Regional Science Olympiad

March 9, 2019

Akron Regional Science Olympiad

Updated 02/09/18

Event Supervisors/Proctors

Thank you for Supervising an event (or 2 or 3!) for the March 10th, 2018 Akron Regional Science Olympiad! Here are some helpful links:

Supervisor Event Day Instructions [PDF] - Posted February 6, 2018

Supervisor Interview [Online Form] - Let us know what you need from us.

Answer all the questions we need to ask YOU, once, in one place. (like what do you want for lunch, how many helpers do you need, should we make test copies for you...)


Event Clarifications and FAQ's
Please check event clarifications and FAQ's frequently

Supplies/materials lists for events
Link to supplies/materials lists for events - double check your list to the Nationals list

Event Ranking Sheets for Tournament Day
(see event scoring sheets below)


Ohio State's Supervisor pages – great stuff:

National Site Supervisor Training Pages for Specific Events – more great stuff:

General Rules B [PDF]

General Rules C [PDF]

Coach's Letter [PDF]

Evaluation Form [PDF]

Emergency Phone Numbers [PDF] - Posted February 6, 2018

Score Sheets and Team Names/Numbers List - Posted February 9, 2018
This link takes you to a webpage that contains scoresheets (and applicable checklists) for build and written test events. This page also contains a spreadsheet of Team Names and Numbers.

Scoring Guidelines and Counseling Form [PDF]

When Parents Get Involved: (PARENTS SHOULD NOT GET INVOLVED) - Please read.

VERY helpful information from the OSU State Tournament pages: (please check this out)

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