Dr.   Erol     Sancaktar

Dr. Erol Sancaktar

Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Department of Polymer Engineering
Phone: 330-972-5508
Email: erol@uakron.edu

Research Group

Recent research activities in Dr. Sancaktar group include "Fabrication of Well-Defined Block Copolymer Nano-Cylinders by Controlling the Thermodynamics and Kinetics Involved in Block Copolymer Self-Assembly", which was published in Soft Matter 4, pp. 1454-1466 (2008), and "Perpendicularly Aligned, Size-and Spacing-controlled Nanocylinders by Molecular-weight Adjustment of a Homopolymer Blended in an Asymmetric Triblock Copolymer", which was published in Advanced Functional Materials 16, pp. 1950-1958 (2006). The first author in both of these papers was Dr. Dae-Up Ahn who recently obtained his Ph.D. in Dr. Sancaktar group, and currently doing post-doc work at Univ. Colorado, Boulder.

Dr. Sancaktar's other current research activities include: Self-assembly in block copolymers and stretched polymer films; Modification and use of electrospun nanofibers; Use of excimer laser in composite material, adhesion and polymer property evaluation, polymer welding, micromachining applications and nanolithography; Electrically/electronically conductive polymers/adhesives; Optimization of adhesion and adhesive joint geometries, surface topographies and Design of/with novel materials.

Group Members

  • Gao, Tongzhai, Ph.D., "Manufacturing Nano Porous Membranes Using Self-Assembled Block Copolymer Masks" (in progress).
  • Chang, I. -Ta, Ph.D.., "Excimer Laser Ablation of Polymer-Clay Nanocomposites" (in progress).
  • Karmarkar, U. P., Ph.D., "Novel Honeycomb Sandwich Structure Designs for Improved Performance in Composite Applications" (in progress).
  • Reagan, M. A., M.S., "Electric Charging and Nanostructure Formation in Polymeric Films Using Combined Amplitude-Modulated Atomic Force Microscopy Assisted Electrostatic Nanolithography and Electric Force Microscopy" (co-advising with Prof. S. Lyuksyutov) (in progress).
  • Hirano, T., M.S., "Liquid Phase of Styrene Butadiene Rubber Thin Films Induced by Electrostatic Nanolithography" (co-advising with Prof. S. Lyuksyutov) (in progress).
  • Dr. Semsettin Temiz (Associate Prof.), Ataturk University, Turkey.