Dr.   Mukerrem     Cakmak

Dr. Mukerrem Cakmak

Distinguished Professor Emeritus (ret.)
Currently - Reilly Professor of Materials and Mechanical Engineering
Purdue University
School of Materials Engineering

Research Group

Current Students:

  1. Jason E. Drum, PhD
  2. Amy Blake, PhD
  3. Emre Unsal, PhD
  4. Orcun Yucel, PhD
  5. Eric McClanahan, PhD
  6. Gupreet Singh, PhD
  7. Isil Nugay, PhD
  8. Saurab Bhatra, PhD
  9. James Shin, PhD
  10. Aysin Dura, visiting PhD student

Postdoctoral Fellow:

  1. Dr. Jiao Guo


  1. Dr. Bart Hamilton

Students Graduated:

  1. Matthew Niemeyer, M.S.- "Processing-Structure-Property Relationships in Cold Rolled PEEK and PPS"
  2. Min Diaw Wang, M.S.- "Processing-Structure-Property Relationships in Biaxially Stretched and Tubular Blown Thermoplastic Elastomer Films"
  3. C.M. Hsiung ,PhD.-"Processing Structure Property Relationships and Simulation of Structure Gradients in Injection Molded Semi-Crystalline Aromatic Polycondensates" (1990)
  4. M. Simhambhatla M.S. "Fundamental Studies on Biaxial Stretching , Plasma Treatment and Vacuum Metallization of Poly (ether ether ketone) (PEEK) films"
  5. J. Tse , M.S. "Processing-Structure-Property Relationships in Biaxially Stretched Poly (buthylene)terephthalate and Polyethylene isophthalate blends"
  6. Y.C. Yoon, M.S. ( 1991)"Structure Development in Rolled Poly(Vinylidene Fluoride)"
  7. H.J. Kang, PhD.“ Structure Development and Dynamics in Double Bubble Tubular Film Processing” ( 1989) ( CO-ADVISED)
  8. S.S. Song, Ph.D. “ Fundamental Study of Structure Development and Processing in Aromatic Polycondensates” (1989) ( CO-ADVISED)
  9. J.S. Lee, Ph.D. (1991) "Fundamental Properties And Structure Development In Solid State Processed Vinylidene Fluoride / Trifluoroethylene Copolymers"
  10. S.W. Lee, M.S. (1992) " Fundamental Studies on Crystallization Kinetics and Necking Behavior of Poly ethylene 2,6,- naphthalate"
  11. Stephen G. Schaible, M.S. (1992)" Investigations of Instrumented Spin Welding and Vibration Welding of Poly(vinylidene fluoride)
  12. M.R.F. Azmoudeh, M.S. (1992) " Synergistic Processing Strategies in Forging of Polymer-Metal Powder Mixtures"
  13. H. Rajaraman, M.S. (1992) " Studies on the Spin Welding Behavior of Poly p- phenylene Sulfide Composites"
  14. Hari N. Venkatesvaran, M.S. (1992) " A Fast Dual Wavelength Optical Techniquefor Studying Crystallization in pre-Oriented PET films"
  15. D. Festa, M.S. (1993) " Effect of Glass fiber fillers on Spin Welding Behavior of Thermotropic Liquid Crystalline Polymer"
  16. R. Woods, M.S. (1992) " Forging of Thermoplastic Powders"
  17. S. Mahant, M.S. (1993) " Melt Spinning of PVDF/PMMA "
  18. D. Boles, M.S. (1994) “The effect of mold cavity geometry On orientation development in injection molding of thermotropic liquid crystalline polymers”
  19. K. Keuchel, M.S. (1994) “ Instrumented Spin Welding of Polypropylene”
  20. S. Ghosh, M.S. (1994) “ Crystallization Behavior and Processing-Structure-Property Relationships in Binary Blends of PPS”
  21. J.C. Kim , Ph.D. (May 1995) “The influence of Processing History on Structural Characteristics of Polyethylene 2,6 Naphthalene Dicarboxylate) and Poly (ether imide) blends.
  22. Y. Ulcer, Ph.D. (December 1995) “Injection Molding of Slowly Crystallizing Polymers”
  23. Y.D. Wang , Ph.D. ( May 1996) “ Processing Structure Property Relationships in Injection Molded PVDF and blends of PVDF with PMMA”
  24. R.Ozisik “ M.S. (1996) “Phase Behavior and Structure Development in Melt SpunPEEK/PEI blends”
  25. S. Cronin, M.S. 1998” The effect of composition and processing conditions on the structure development in injection molded dynamically vulcanized PP/EPDM blends”
  26. H.Ayrom-Keuchel Ph.D (1997) “ Development of spatial structural hierarchy in injection molded isotactic polypropylene”
  27. X.Zhou, Ph.D ( 1998) “ Processing-structure-property relationships in uni- and biaxially stretched binary and ternary blends”
  28. M. Graves MS. (1998)” On-line measurements of crystallization of low density polyethylenes using integrated fiber optic laser Raman spectroscopy, light depolarization and small angle laser light scattering techniques”
  29. A. Beers.M.S. (1999)” Deformation behavior and structural development of polyethylene naphthalate/polycarbonate blends”
  30. P. Jatin, MS (1999).” Influence of composition on deformation behavior in blends of Poly Ether Ether Ketone (PEEK) and Poly Ether Imide (PEI)”
  31. S. Bicakci , PhD. (2000). “ Miscibility, uniaxial deformation behavior and annealing studies in binary and ternary blends of poly(ethylene naphthalate), poly(ether imide), and poly(ether ether ketone) i”
  32. Gbolrami Adebayo, Ph.D. (2001) “ Design, validation and implementation of on-line measurement techniques to study the phase behavior of partialy miscible PMMA/PαMSAN blends under quiescent and flow conditions, and application to filled-PVC in quiescent mode”
  33. T. Serhatkulu , PhD. (2000)” Crystallization and birefringence studies on fast structural changes followed by non-contact spectral birefringence and Raman spectroscopy techniques”
  34. T. Sen, PhD. (2003) “ Investigation of dynamics and structure development during uniaxial stretching of PET films at different molecular weights using fully automated spectral birefringence technique”
  35. P. Koombhongse, PhD. (2001)” Phase behavior and morphology of SAN/PMMA under high flow rates”
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  44. C. Martins, PhD.(2004) “Mechano Optical Behavior of PET and PEN Under Linear and Programmed Deformation Rate Profiles”
  45. M. Ghanem, M.S.(2004) The effect of processing conditions on the structural gradients developed in injection molded bacterial Poly (3Hydroxybutyrate-co-3Hydroxyvalerate) parts
  46. J. Mulligan, PhD. (2004) Non-linear stress optical behavior of poly l-lactic acid and its nanocomposites during stretching/relaxation/retraction from amorphous precursors
  47. Karnav Kanuga, PhD. (2006) "A fundamental study on the non-linear mechano-optical behavior of polyethylene naphthalate, its blends with polyetherimide and its nanocomposites"
  48. Teik Lim Kwa, MS Thesis (2006) "Novel On-Line True Stress-Strain-Electrical Conductivity Uniaxial Tensile Stretching System And Its Utility On Electrically Conductive Polylactic Acid (PLA) Nanocomposites"
  49. Jane Fujiyama Novak, PhD. (2009) "The Role of Nanoclay on the Deformation Behavior of Polypropylene/Maleic Anhydride Modified Polypropylene Films and Fibers in Full and Partially Molten State Processing"
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