Dr.   Avraam   I.   Isayev

Dr. Avraam I. Isayev

Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Department of Polymer Engineering

Research Group

From left to right: Tsui-Hsun Lin, Setareh Niknezhad, Antonio Carrillo, Dr. Avraam Isayev, Todd Lewis, Rishi Kumar, Kaan Gunes, Nam Hyung Kim, Mike Morr

Research Areas:

A. Nanotechnology

Nanotubes / Nanofiber

  • Dr Changdo Jung
  • Haifeng Shan
  • Rishi Kumar
  • Todd Lewis

Topic: 'Continuous ultrasonic extrusion for manufacturing of high performance polymer nanocomposites using Carbonnanotubes / Carbonnanofibers'

  • Kaan Gunes - 'In-situ compatibilization of polyesters and liquid crystalline polymers with ultrasound'


  • Dr Sarat K. Swain - 'Polymer / Clay nanocomposites prepared by continuous sonication process'
  • Sergey Lapshin - 'Experimental and theoretical study of Polypropylene-clay nanocomposites prepared by using high power ultrasound'

B. Simulation Group

  • Antonio Carrillo - 'Viscoelastic simulation of birefringence and residual stresses in gas-assisted injection moldings'
  • Tsui-Hsun Lin - 'Injection molding in optical components'
  • Nam Hyung Kim - 'Two-component co-injection and transfer molding of polymers: experiment and simulation'

C. Rubber Processing

  • Ximei Sun - 'Continuous ultrasound devulcanization of Isoprene rubber'