Dr.   Sadhan   C.   Jana

Dr. Sadhan C. Jana

Benjamin Franklin Goodrich Endowed Professor
Department of Polymer Engineering
Phone: 330-972-8293
Email: janas@uakron.edu

Patents Issued to Prof. Sadhan C. Jana's Group

  • Jana, S.C., Isayev, A. I. 2001 Multi-layered article having a conductive surface and a non-conductive core and process of making the same, US Patent No. 6172155B1.
  • Jana et al. 2001 Melt-mixing thermoplastic and epoxy resin above Tg or Tm of thermoplastic with curing agent. US Patent No. 6197898B1
  • Jana,S.C., Dris, I., Balch, G.S., 2000 Method of coagulating and isolating graft copolymers from lattices, US Parent No. 6156875.
  • Jana, S.C., Scott, E., Sundararaj, U.T., 2000 Single extruder screw for blending of miscible and immiscible polymeric materials, US Patent No. 6132076.