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No Venom, No Problem: This Spider Uses a Slingshot to Catch Prey

Mental Floss - The research conducted by Professor Todd Blackledge, Assistant Professor Henry Astley, and doctoral students Sarah Han and Daniel Maksuta continued to garner national attention. The results of their research were published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Spotlight on recycling, sustainable materials at Polymers Appreciation Day

Our College of Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering is hosting its annual Polymers Appreciation Day for alumni and industry on Friday, May 17. The symposium is a celebration of the outstanding achievements of the college’s alumni and students.

Our ‘Professor Polymer’ entertains students with zany experiments
Longtime science teacher John Fellenstein hosts ‘Science Fridays’ at Akron’s STEM middle school.
CPSPE Welcomes Rheology & Thermal Instrumentation Scientist

Dr. Meysam Hashemnejad is joining the College of Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering as the Instrumentation Scientist – Rheology & Thermal.

Dr. Roderic Quirk receives Charles Goodyear Medal at ACS Rubber Division Awards Banquet

On May 1, Dr. Roderic Quirk, a polymer science research professor and distinguished professor emeritus in the College of Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering, was awarded the Charles Goodyear Medal at the ACS Rubber Division Science & Technology Awards Banquet in Independence, Ohio.

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