June Safety Focus: Disinfection


Jun 2019 Safety FocusCPSPE,

Our safety focus is disinfection. The return to research policy from ORA requires lab floors to be mopped once a day and work surfaces disinfected before and after working. Recently, each group should have been distributed cleaning supplies including a mop, rags, and two types of cleaners. Here is clarification on what the different types of cleaners are used for:

Neutra-Stat TB (previously referred to as Virex): this is a work surface disinfectant, which requires you to spray it on a surface and let it sit for 10 minutes undisturbed to kill viruses. If you do not have a spray bottle in your cleaning supplies, please let me know. Use undiluted, and do not let this go down the drain. 70% alcohol solution may be used with paper towels as a disinfectant wipe alternative.

Metal Soap: this is actually the floor cleaner from UA. Dilute with water (1 part cleaner to 10 parts water). Mop normally. Safe for drains.

Dr. Jason Randall
Director of Operations
P: 330-972-5337