Polymer engineer honored for lifetime achievement in education


Dr. Sadhan Jana, professor and chair of The University of Akron Department of Polymer Engineering, will receive the Education Award for lifetime achievement in plastics or polymer education from the Society of Plastics Engineers. The award will be presented on Sunday, May 16 at the SPE’s Annual Technical Conference 2010 in Orlando, Fla.

Jana received a Ph.D. in chemical engineering from Northwestern University and worked at the General Electric Corporate Research Center for four years prior to joining UA in 1998. Jana has raised $2 million in research funding during the past 11 years. More than 80 percent of this funding came from federal sources such as the National Science Foundation, NASA and the U.S. Army Research Center.  Jana’s current research focus is on shape memory polymer nanocomposites, polymer nanocomposites produced by self-assembly and polymeric bipolar plates for fuel cells.

Jana led the development of a 10-year strategic plan for Department of Polymer Engineering in 2007 to address national needs in health, environment, alternative energy and a broadened material base utilizing sustainable resources.  Within two years of its execution, new faculty have been hired in the areas of photovoltaics, implant biomaterials, and biosensors and devices.

Current faculty research in polymer engineering focuses on nanomaterials, solving problems related to alternative energy, issues of cleaner environment and work on biological materials for orthopedics and implants.

Jana is the author of more than 90 articles in peer-reviewed journals and refereed conference proceedings. He has 10 patent applications, is a fellow of the SPE, and is an associate editor of Polymer Engineering & Science.

“This is an outstanding achievement of Sadhan for his continuous contribution in polymer engineering education,” says Dr. Stephen Cheng, dean of the College of Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering.

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