Biomaterials Symposium features internationally renowned regenerative medicine experts


Regenerative medicine and materials science experts worldwide will gather for the Second Semiannual Symposium on Biomaterials on Wednesday, April 27, at the Goodyear Polymer Center. It is supported by The University of Akron College of Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering and the Austen BioInnovation Institute in Akron.

Ritta Suuronen (M.D., D.D.S, Ph.D.) of the Institute of Biomedical Technology, Regea University and the University Hospital of Tampere, Finland, will present one of two keynote symposium talks. Her address is titled “Tissue Engineering in Craniofacial Surgery — Clinical View.”

Alvaro Mata Chavarria (D. Eng) of The Nanotechnology Platform, Parc Cientific Barcelona, Spain, will present the second keynote address, “Bottom-up and Top-down Fabrication Strategies for Developing Scaffold Biomaterials for Regenerative Medicine.”

Other presenters and their research topics include:

Miko Cakmak, UA distinguished professor of polymer engineering, “Roll-to-Roll Manufacturing of Biofunctional Films/Scaffolds at the National Polymer Innovation Center.”

Judit Puskas, UA professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering, “Green Polymer Chemistry for the Cure.”

Darrell Reneker, UA distinguished professor of polymer science, “Polymer Nanofibers and Biomedical Applications.”

Fayez Safadi, Ohio Research Scholar, Northeastern Ohio Universities Colleges of Medicine and Pharmacy (NEOUCOM), “The Role of Osteoactivin in Bone Regeneration.”

Lingyun Liu, UA assistant professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering, “Control of Protein Orientation and Adsorption on Surfaces to Modulate Cell Behavior.”

John Elias, senior research scientist, Calhoun Research Laboratory, Akron General Medical Center, “Knee Cartilage: Evaluating Mechanical Factors That can Lead to Early Degradation.”

Anirban Sen Gupta, assistant professor of biomedical engineering, Case Western Reserve University, “Biomimetic Approach in Rational Design of a Synthetic Platelet Substitute.”

Frank Loth, UA associate professor and F. Theodore Harrington Endowed Chair, mechanical engineering, “An Investigation of the Importance of Fluid Dynamics on Arterial-Venous Graft Failure.”

A poster session will take place throughout the event, which is chaired by William Landis, UA professor of polymer science and G. Stafford Whitby Chair in Polymer Science; and Brian Davis, vice president and director of the ABIA Medical Device Development Center.

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