Dr. Cavicchi to speak at Innovation Symposium


Cavicchi-WebOn April 18, 2019, Dr. Kevin Cavicchi, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and Associate Professor of Polymer Engineering, will be speaking at the Association for Rubber Products Manufacturers (ARPM) Innovation Symposium.

According to ARPM’s website, “The 2019 ARPM State of the Rubber Industry Report found that 98 percent of rubber companies reported major challenges in workforce development, including finding talent, training their workforce and retaining employees. Manufacturers have also reported that other challenges keeping them up at night included: keeping up with technology, continuous improvement efforts and finances.

“ARPM has created the Innovation Symposium to provide some answers to these challenges for member companies. This day-long symposium is an opportunity to discover innovative solutions to some of the industry’s key issues, unite expertise from across the industry and provide paradigm-shifting solutions to advance you in your journey toward manufacturing excellence.

“This event will offer engaging keynotes, interactive presentations, cutting-edge technology, innovative approaches and peer-to-peer networking roundtables.”

Dr. Cavicchi will be presenting a talk on “Innovation in Polymer Education” focused on the newly formed Masters in Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering, which has been designed to prepare individuals to work in the polymer or polymer-related industries, consulting, or venture capital firms in non-research positions. He will also speak about the new Minor in Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering, which provides a broad foundation in the synthesis, characterization, processing and design of polymers. This minor is a great fit for any STEM major seeking to complement their primary major with an in-depth knowledge of polymer science and polymer engineering—including those majoring in: engineering, natural sciences or math.

For more information regarding the symposium, visit https://arpminc.com/events/innovation-symposium/.