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Best Oral Presentation Winners - CenTire IAB Meeting Fall 2015

Nicole Swanson of the Department of Polymer Science and Prasad Raut of the Department of Polymer Engineering jointly received first place for the best oral presentation at the Fall 2015 CenTire Industry Advisory Board Meeting recently held in Akron.

Their research is on “Surface Engineering Approach for Enhanced Filler Dispersion and Hysteresis Reduction in Rubber Compounds.” Both doctoral students, Nicole is working with Dr. Coleen Pugh and Prasad with Dr. Sadhan Jana.

Congratulations Nicole and Prasad!

Sticky when wet — spider glue tightens grip in high humidity
UA scientists say nature’s phenomenon could lead the way to developing smart adhesives.
Polymer scientist develops limb-saving material for injured soldiers
A $6 million grant from the U.S. Army will advance work being done by Matthew Becker's team to restore injured limbs.
Engineer’s inventive spark ignited at UA
Meet Isil Nugay. The passion for learning and innovating that defines her career today was nurtured during her Ph.D. work here. And she's grateful for her Akron Experience.
Eminent Caltech polymer scientist to discuss 'mega-supramolecules,' polymer end groups
Lectures by Dr. Julie Kornfield will focus on how "mega-supramolecules" can lead to cleaner and safer fuels, and new phenomena and physical properties made possible through controlling interactions between polymer end groups.
Rajgarhia awarded 2015 Eastman Chemical Student Award in Applied Polymer Science

Stuti Rajgarhia, a Ph.D. student in Department of Polymer Engineering, won the award administered by Polymeric Materials: Science and Engineering (PMSE) Division of American Chemical Society (ACS). It is given to graduate students, either currently in graduate school or not more than one year beyond graduation. Up to six finalists are invited to present their research papers at the ACS fall meeting based on the scientific merit of the submitted papers.

NSF grant enables professor to engineer noses, jaws and ears
Matthew Becker anticipates that his research will result in technology that will one day improve lives for those with traumatic injuries.
Air Force awards grant to polymer engineer

The United States Air Force, Office of Scientific Research has just awarded $819,543 to Dr. Xiong Gong for his research titled “Solution-Processed Infrared Polymer Photodetectors.”

Mussels inspire development of waterproof adhesives
National Science Foundation grant supports UA researchers efforts to develop a synthetic mimic of mussel adhesives using soybean oil — a renewable resource.
Entrepreneur coaches give inventions market-ready push
UA research teams to benefit from program designed to accelerate commercialization of university research.
UA polymer, chemistry professor receives lifetime achievement award from French university
George R. Newkome has worked with scholars at the University of Bordeaux for more than 20 years.
Taking cues from nature to develop colors that do not fade
UA professors analyze the structure of bird feathers to create hues without dye.
Spring 2015 Graduation Pictures

Pictures from the Spring 2015 Graduation.

Akron Global Polymer Academy nurtures fledging entrepreneurs and inventors
Who were the winners of this year's Rubber Band Contest for Young Inventors?
UA polymer researcher’s work wins international award for young scientists
Polymer researcher Dr. Matthew Becker, wants to help troops avoid amputation from battle injuries.
Revolutionary discovery leads to invention of new ‘building blocks’
University of Akron polymer researchers create a new class of hybrid materials.
New research attracts NSF attention — and funding
University of Akron adhesive spurs startup company and National Science Foundation grant to scale up production.
UA officials celebrate Saudi students with Kingdom royalty
UA experts were instrumental in creating the High Institute of Elastomers Industries, a world-class learning facility.
Discovery demystifies origin of life phenomenon
University of Akron polymer scientist finds that certain amino acids and sugars were simply meant to be in life.
ACL injuries in female athletes traced to genes
Polymer scientists team up with physicians at Akron Children's Hospital on critical research finding that could change the way women receive sports training and treatment for their injuries.
The ‘Paulamer’ chain: Connecting research and industry
Paula Watt, a longtime industry partner, will become Dr. Watt later this year. She says pursuing a Ph.D. here in polymer science was like "coming home."
What’s new for 2015? We asked our experts
UA's three newest deans, Eric Amis, David Gordon and Matthew Wilson, share projections about their fields — polymer science, health care and law.
Prolific and inventive UA professor receives national recognition
Dr. Frank Harris is the sixth University of Akron professor named as a fellow of the National Academy of Inventors.
UA’s Shi-Qing Wang named AAAS Fellow
The professor of polymer science will be honored in February by the American Association for the Advancement of Science.
Heinz part of multi-university grant from Navy
Dr. Hendrik Heinz, associate professor of polymer engineering, and partners from six other universities have been awarded a $7.5 million grant from the Department of Defense to study corrosion of materials.