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When it comes to earning a college degree, the greatest obstacle can be funding.

For this reason, The University of Akron is pleased for the opportunity each year to assist talented, deserving students achieve their dreams, thanks to more than 1,300 named scholarships established through the kindness and generosity of thousands of UA alumni and friends, corporations, and foundations.

Scholarships truly are the best way to ensure that today’s students persist to graduation. Scholarships allow students to enroll full time and remain focused on their studies; they also reduce drop-out rates, decrease the stress of student loans, and shorten the road to graduation.

The need for scholarships grows each year, however, as students continue to face an increased financial burden in pursuit of a college degree. In fact, 94 percent of today’s baccalaureate students borrow to pay for college – versus just 45 percent in 1993. Across the country, the average college-related debt for borrowers in the class of 2016 was $37,172; for Ohio students, that figure was $30,239.

If you are interested in making a significant contribution to student success, please consider a gift to the MAKING A DIFFERENCE AND MOVING FORWARD scholarship campaign, which is the University's most important initiative. You may also establish a named scholarship at The University of Akron, which can be created to honor a living person, in memory of a loved one, or to contribute to the growth of an area of study.

To learn more, please contact the Department of Development at 330-972-7238

How do I apply for a scholarship?

This is not the page to apply for scholarships.

Students who want to apply for scholarships should visit the scholarship page on the Financial Aid site.

The Department of Development does not accept applications for or distribute scholarships. Scholarships are distributed through the University’s Office of Student Financial Aid.

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Bernat Family Endowed Fellowship in the School of Accountancy

The Bernat Family Endowed Fellowship in the School of Accountancy was established in March 2013 by Andrew William Bernat, son of Robert J. and Linda J. Bernat. This Fellowship honors the legacy of Robert Bernat and is a reflection of Andrew’s desire to support faculty at The University of Akron’s George W. Daverio School of Accountancy.

Andrew Bernat is tax counsel at The Sherwin-Williams Company in Cleveland. Following his graduation from The University of Akron with seven different degrees, including an MBA (accounting), MTax, and JD, Andrew began his professional career at a major law firm in the Akron area. Currently, he is tax counsel with The Sherwin-Williams Company. He also is an adjunct faculty member in the George W. Daverio School of Accountancy, teaching undergraduate- and graduate-level courses in taxation.

Andrew is a CPA and an attorney. He is admitted to practice in Ohio, the U.S. District Courts for the Northern and Southern Districts of Ohio, the Court of Federal Claims, the U.S. Tax Court, the U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeal for the Sixth and Federal Circuits, and the Supreme Court of the United States. He is a member of the Tax Executives Institute, the Cleveland Tax Club, the Tax Sections of the American and Ohio State Bar Associations, the American Institute of CPAs, and the Ohio Society of CPAs.

Normally, the funds will be used for the support of the professional development activities of the Fellow. When appropriate, with approval from the Chair of the School of Accountancy and the Dean of the College of Business Administration, the funds may be used as a research stipend to support a summer research project, as documented by the Fellow in a written research proposal.

The terms of the Bernat Family Faculty Fellowship are as follows:

  1. Fellows will be selected from outstanding School of Accountancy faculty at the rank of assistant, associate, or full professor for an initial three-year term that may be renewed at the discretion of the Selection Committee if the holder of the Fellowship continues to excel in the areas used to justify his or her selection. 

  2. The Selection Committee will be composed of the chair of the George W. Daverio School of Accountancy, the dean of the College of Business Administration, and if available, Andrew Bernat or his representative.

  3. The criteria for selection will be:
    • Highly effective teaching as evidenced by the quality and currency of materials used in the classroom, effective classroom delivery, classroom innovation, currency in the field, and the quality of projects and other assessments that help students develop writing, research, application, and critical-thinking skills and abilities. 
    • Demonstrated commitment to scholarship, including journal publications and presentations within the last three years that contribute to practice, teaching and learning, and/or the accounting/taxation discipline.
    • Demonstration of commitment to the profession as evidenced by involvement in professional service at the local, regional, or national levels beyond that normally expected of a tenured or tenure-track faculty member.
    • Full-time tenured or tenure-track faculty member in the G. W. Daverio School of Accountancy at The University of Akron.

  4. Each Bernat Faculty Fellow will produce a one-page annual report to highlight his or her accomplishments. The report will be shared with Andrew Bernat and may be publicized at various professional events or School of Accountancy publications.

  5. The Fellow will be appropriately recognized on email, the Web, stationery, door plaques, business cards, newsletters, and other appropriate media, and during the fellowship period, will have the title “Bernat Family Faculty Fellow.”

  6. The Fellow will receive $3,000 of support each year. The funds will be used at the discretion of the Fellow to support his or her teaching, research, and service activities.  Examples of appropriate use include travel, registration fees for professional and academic conferences, computer hardware and software, databases, memberships in professional organizations, subscriptions to professional journals, and research assistance. This support will be in addition to the normal support provided by the George W. Daverio School of Accountancy. Unspent funds may be carried forward into the next year.

  7. This Memorandum of Understanding can be revised or terminated at any time by Andrew Bernat, the George W. Daverio School of Accountancy, or the College of Business Administration if it becomes appropriate to do so. In addition, any individual current or future commitment under this agreement is terminated at the date of receipt of resignation and/or retirement of the Bernat Family Faculty Fellow.

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