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When it comes to earning a college degree, the greatest obstacle can be funding.

For this reason, The University of Akron is pleased for the opportunity each year to assist talented, deserving students achieve their dreams, thanks to more than 1,300 named scholarships established through the kindness and generosity of thousands of UA alumni and friends, corporations, and foundations.

Scholarships truly are the best way to ensure that today’s students persist to graduation. Scholarships allow students to enroll full time and remain focused on their studies; they also reduce drop-out rates, decrease the stress of student loans, and shorten the road to graduation.

The need for scholarships grows each year, however, as students continue to face an increased financial burden in pursuit of a college degree. In fact, 94 percent of today’s baccalaureate students borrow to pay for college – versus just 45 percent in 1993. Across the country, the average college-related debt for borrowers in the class of 2016 was $37,172; for Ohio students, that figure was $30,239.

If you are interested in making a significant contribution to student success, please consider a gift to the MAKING A DIFFERENCE AND MOVING FORWARD scholarship campaign, which is the University's most important initiative. You may also establish a named scholarship at The University of Akron, which can be created to honor a living person, in memory of a loved one, or to contribute to the growth of an area of study.

To learn more, please contact the Department of Development at 330-972-7238

How do I apply for a scholarship?

This is not the page to apply for scholarships.

Students who want to apply for scholarships should visit the scholarship page on the Financial Aid site.

The Department of Development does not accept applications for or distribute scholarships. Scholarships are distributed through the University’s Office of Student Financial Aid.

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Buckeye State Credit Union Scholarship for Adult Students

The Buckeye State Credit Union Scholarship for Adult Students was established in 2016 and revised in 2017 by Akron-based Buckeye State Credit Union, whose mission has always been to assist individuals who want to help themselves. The scholarship furthers the credit union’s commitment to the community and adult learners, and it reflects the credit union’s belief that education – both financial and academic – means better jobs, increased wages, greater financial stability, and a stronger socio-economic base for the community. The scholarship also demonstrates the credit union’s belief that it’s never too late to acquire knowledge.

Buckeye State Credit Union, located at 155 E. Voris Street in Akron, was established in 1933 by post office employees to help low-waged, steadily employed postal employees obtain credit to purchase homes, vehicles, and other consumer goods. Originally housed in the post office at Wolf Ledges, the credit union was moved across the street to its current location in 1968.

  • 25 years old or older
  • Assumes multiple life roles such as a parent, spouse/partner, employee, caregiver and student
  • Returns to school after four or more years of employment, homemaking, or other activity
  • Veteran of the armed services

The Adult Enrichment Program is a collaboration between UA Adult Focus and Project Learn of Summit County. It assists new, re-entry, or continuing adult students improve their placement exam scores, allowing them entry to credit coursework sooner, which saves time and money.

Scholarship recipients will be selected by the director of the UA Adult Focus program, who will serve as a liaison among the Buckeye State Credit Union, the Department of Development at The University of Akron, and scholarship applicants.

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