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When it comes to earning a college degree, the greatest obstacle can be funding.

For this reason, The University of Akron is pleased for the opportunity each year to assist talented, deserving students achieve their dreams, thanks to more than 1,300 named scholarships established through the kindness and generosity of thousands of UA alumni and friends, corporations, and foundations.

Scholarships truly are the best way to ensure that today’s students persist to graduation. Scholarships allow students to enroll full time and remain focused on their studies; they also reduce drop-out rates, decrease the stress of student loans, and shorten the road to graduation.

The need for scholarships grows each year, however, as students continue to face an increased financial burden in pursuit of a college degree. In fact, 94 percent of today’s baccalaureate students borrow to pay for college – versus just 45 percent in 1993. Across the country, the average college-related debt for borrowers in the class of 2016 was $37,172; for Ohio students, that figure was $30,239.

If you are interested in making a significant contribution to student success, please consider a gift to the MAKING A DIFFERENCE AND MOVING FORWARD scholarship campaign, which is the University's most important initiative. You may also establish a named scholarship at The University of Akron, which can be created to honor a living person, in memory of a loved one, or to contribute to the growth of an area of study.

To learn more, please contact the Department of Development at 330-972-7238

How do I apply for a scholarship?

This is not the page to apply for scholarships.

Students who want to apply for scholarships should visit the scholarship page on the Financial Aid site.

The Department of Development does not accept applications for or distribute scholarships. Scholarships are distributed through the University’s Office of Student Financial Aid.

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International Nursing Scholarship Fund

The International Nursing Scholarship Fund was established in 2001 by Dr. Joan Baumgardner, assistant professor emeritus, nursing, and Dr. Therese Dowd, associate professor emeritus, nursing, with the support of Dr. Cynthia Flynn Capers, then Dean of the College of Nursing. Original gifts to the fund were made in honor of Drs. Baumgardner and Dowd’s parents, with subsequent gifts made in tribute to nursing faculty members and special friends.

Drs. Baumgardner and Dowd established The International Nursing Scholarship Fund to promote academic excellence and provide nursing students with the opportunity to explore the impact of culture on health care by studying systems in other countries.

The purpose of The International Nursing Scholarship Fund is to provide assistance to students with financial need who are enrolled in the International Health course or taking relevant independent study at The University of Akron’s School of Nursing. Undergraduate and graduate nursing students are eligible for the funds if they are:

  1. enrolled in the International Health course, or
  2. enrolled in independent study credit with objectives to promote nursing, health, and cultural competencies.

Awards, which are to be applied to course fees or course expenses, may be up to $400, depending on availability of funds and number of applicants selected. To apply, students should submit a brief essay to the Office of Student Success in the College of Health Professions describing how the fund would benefit them and what they hope to learn from their international experience. In addition, students taking independent study credit should submit their objectives that promote health, nursing, and cultural competencies along with a plan of activities to achieve the objectives. Selection of recipients will be made by Dr. Joan Baumgardner, Dr. Therese Dowd, and a faculty member appointed by the director of the School of Nursing.

Awards of up to $400 will be granted as long as funds are available and based on the number of applicants selected for award. Awards are to be applied to course fees or tuition for either the International Health course or the independent study. 

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