Pre-Professional Performance Opportunities

Performance opportunities are offered to all pre-professional students and are designed to provide each dancer with technical, artistic and personal growth and fulfillment. Performance opportunities are offered as an element of training and a means of heightening technical proficiency and artistic expression. Technical and artistic preparation and readiness for performance are closely integrated into each schedule.

Work Summary

Work Summary is a presentation of class exercises and/or repertoire that have been prepared throughout the academic year and created expressly to represent the vocabulary and training goals of each level. For the Spring Work Summary, Advanced students graduating from high school are given the opportunity to present solo work. 

The University of Akron Dance Company (UADC) Advanced students only

Dance Institute students in the Advanced level may audition for The University of Akron Dance Company. UADC performances take place twice during the academic year.

Additional Performance Opportunities

Dance Institute students perform locally with Northeast Ohio area dance companies and other arts organizations as opportunities for collaboration arise. Students also make outreach visits to various non-profit civic and community organizations. Details of past, current and future additional performance opportunities are available in the office.