The Department of Polymer Engineering is dedicated to providing the global society with leadership technology for a broad base of commercially viable polymer-related materials, processes and products through the development and application of our core competencies, which include education, research, analysis, modeling, design, synthesis and performance testing.

The objective of both our academic and research functions is the practical application of scientific and engineering principles to generate new material and processing concepts and enhance technical problem solving capabilities related to the production and use of polymers.

Faculty expertise spans the polymer technology spectrum from basic compounding, extrusion and molding processes to nanoscale structure, biopolymer engineering and multiscale modeling. Particular strengths lie in multicomponent systems and processing operations. Department activities range from the fundamental aspects of polymer physics, analysis, characterization, mechanisms, properties and rheology to the utilitarian functions of engineering, manufacturing, design and performance.

The Department is dedicated to producing high quality graduates equipped to make significant contributions to the quality of life throughout the world by their contributions to the engineering profession. The Department awards approximately 40 MS and PhD degrees in Polymer Engineering every year. Polymer Engineering graduates find positions in industry, academia and government laboratories across the globe. While the MS degree emphasizes course study as well as extensive research to serve students targeting an industrial career in mainstream polymer technologies, the PhD degree represents a longer term in-depth endeavor to perform specialized research in either an academic or industrial setting.

The Department proudly serves a constituency comprising our students, our alumni, our research sponsors, our college and university, the State of Ohio, the rubber, plastics, fibers and films industries and the engineering and polymeric materials community.