Founded in the early 1980's, the Department of Polymer Engineering at The University of Akron has grown into a pre-eminent education and research center for polymer engineering and technology relating to innovative and traditional polymer products and processes. Our unique field of polymer engineering brings to the development, understanding and application of polymer systems a synergy that cannot be achieved through the simple interfacing of polymer science with classical engineering disciplines. The distinguished polymer engineering faculty, currently comprising 9 full-time professors in addition to adjunct and emeritus faculty, visiting and part-time faculty, extend the knowledge boundaries of our engineering and polymer baselines through their mastery of complex material behavior, unique processing requirements, complicated engineering analyses and the breakthrough manufacturing of useful products.

Currently housed in three structures, the Polymer Engineering Academic Center, the Sidney L. Olson Research Center, and the National Polymer Innovation Center, the Polymer Engineering program at The University of Akron is large in size, broad in scope, well funded and internationally renowned for high quality polymer research. The Department has become a cornerstone of the university and a strong contributor to the technologies of polymeric materials and engineering.