BA/MS 5 year Program with BA Physics/Chemical Physics at College of Wooster and MS Polymer Engineering at UA

The Program

The "5-year BA/MS Program at The University of Akron with BA Physics/Chemical Physics at The College of Wooster and MS Polymer Engineering at UA" is an accelerated BA/MS program which involves initial completion of 3 years of BA course-work in Physics/Chemical Physics at The College of Wooster, followed by 2 years of undergraduate and graduate course-work, along with graduate thesis work at the Polymer Engineering Department of The University of Akron (UA). The College of Wooster will award a BA degree in Physics/Chemical Physics to the students of this program after the completion of the 4th year of course work at UA. Students will receive a tuition waiver for graduate courses taken at UA in years 4 and 5, and will be eligible to receive stipends in their 5th year similar to other graduate students in Polymer Engineering, when they are registered for at least nine graduate credits.

A 5-year program for UA physics students will soon be offered.

Who Should Apply?

Outstanding physics and chemistry majors who want to earn both their bachelor's and master's degree in five years.

Why Should I Be Interested?

The obvious advantage is that you will earn both your BA and MS degrees in 5 years, but numerous other compelling reasons also exist. You will be attending classes with equally committed and motivated peers. The quality of students in this program should make it a top choice among recruiters. You will receive professional and academic guidance from faculty members within The College of Wooster as well as the Department of Polymer Engineering at UA. This will also be a great opportunity to experience graduate research first hand and will serve as an opportune starting point for continuing on to a Ph.D. degree.

What are the Admission Requirements?

Because the number of students admitted to the program will be limited, admission into this program is not guaranteed. Students will be admitted to the MS program at UA after completing 3 years of BA at The College of Wooster. Students intending to enroll in the BA/MS program will consult the faculty counselors both at The College of Wooster and at UA during their study at The College of Wooster. The Graduate School at UA will handle their admission using a special category, and the admissions committee of the Department of Polymer Engineering will evaluate the applications of potential BA/MS students in their 3rd year. The MS degree in Polymer Engineering is awarded at the completion of the 5th year, when the MS degree requirements of Polymer Engineering Department are successfully completed.

When Do I Apply?

Students interested in this program, should consult with the 3-2 Engineering adviser at The College of Wooster as early in their first year as possible in order to get the guidance needed for their academic plan. Students who intend to pursue the 5-year BA/MS dual degree program may complete the senior year at The College of Wooster in absentia and should apply in writing to the Dean for Curriculum and Academic Engagement by the end of the second semester of the sophomore year and must receive the recommendation of the major department. Once approved, the student will be given pre-admission status in the program. The student will also be added to the BS/MS mailing list and will receive updates about the program and invitations to attend information sessions and informal gatherings. The student's academic performance will be monitored closely and will receive guidance from advisors at both The College of Wooster and UA. The students in this program will be expected to attend school on a full-time basis and there is little flexibility in the scheduling of the necessary courses in order to graduate within the five year period. Therefore, it is important to get guidance as soon as possible.

When Can I Be Formally Admitted to the Program?

To receive official acceptance into the program, in addition to satisfying the admission requirements outlined above, students must also provide two letters of recommendation from the College of Wooster faculty and apply to and be accepted into the Graduate School before the start of their senior year. Once accepted into the program, students must earn and maintain a 3.0 or better GPA to stay in the program. Students who are not able to do so will complete the regular bachelor's program instead of the accelerated BS/MS program.

How Can I Obtain more Information About the Program?

For more information contact Dr. Sadhan Jana at or call 330-972-8293, or Susan Lehman at or call 330-263-2214.

Click here to download a PDF file containing the Curriculum Requirements.