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Polymer college celebrates retirement of Dr. Stephen Cheng

Earlier this week, the College of Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering celebrated the retirement of Dr. Stephen Z.D. Cheng, former dean of the college and Frank C. Sullivan Distinguished Research Professor of Polymer Science.

Polymer researcher taking a look at tire reinforcement

A group of researchers in the College of Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering were awarded a CenTiRe grant of $70,000 to help fund their research of using polymers to improve tire rubber durability. The team is being led by Dr. Li Jia, at right, an associate professor of polymer science, and Dr. Robert Moore, a professor of physical and polymer chemistry at Virginia Tech.

UA’s Sport Science Academy and Akron Global Polymer Academy team up for STEM in Sport Camp

Last week, the School of Sport Science and Wellness Education: Sport Science Academy (SSA) hosted a 3-day STEM in Sport camp that had their participants learning about the concepts of STEM that are embedded in the world of sports.

July Safety Focus: Old Chemicals and Samples Disposal

In an effort to reduce the amount of chemical samples left from previous students and no longer needed, we are repeating our safety focus from October 2017.

Dr. Tianbo Liu appointed as the next Chair of the Department of Polymer Science

The College of Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Tianbo Liu as the next Chair of the Department of Polymer Science effective July 2018.

AGPA welcomes Women In Engineering campers

Summer camp season on the University of Akron campus is in full swing, and the Akron Global Polymer Academy has been busy helping make these experiences memorable for the visiting campers.

Slime-making craze has become a big business

Content Specialist John Fellenstein comments on outreach conducted by CPSPE's Akron Global Polymer Academy in this Chemical & Engineering News article.

Summer 2018 Welcomes New Teachers to the RET Program

The College of Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering’s Akron Global Polymer Academy recently began the 2018 Research Experience for Teachers in Polymer Engineering (RET) program. This program, funded by NSF Award Number EEC-1542358, sponsors ten high school science teachers who will work for eight weeks conducting polymer research in a lab of a CPSPE faculty member. By the end of the program, those teachers will have developed new lesson plans to introduce STEM to their classrooms in innovative ways.

Built to Last: Modification Strengthens 3D-Printed Plastics

Professor Bryan Vogt and his research group are conducting the research featured in this Design News article.

June Safety Focus: Compressed Gas Cylinders

The June Safety Focus topic was requested by a student. Please review the following information. Video: Myth Busters Compressed Cylinder Experiment. This is a great resource for cylinder safety: University of Saskatchewan Cylinder Guide.

U Akron team develops Mn-based high performance anode for Li-ion batteries

Green Car Congress - May 28, 2018 - Researchers led by Professor Bryan Vogt and Associate Professor Yu Zhu conducted the research in this article.

Polymer-Focused Outreach Group Continues to Inspire and Educate Students in the 10th Edition of the Rubber Band Contest for Young Inventors

The Rubber Band Contest for Young Inventors is an annual nation-wide competition that challenges young students to design and create an invention or artwork that utilizes at least 1 rubber band in some way. The results each year are astounding, and the 2018 contest was no exception.

Polymer College’s 2018 Research Experience for Undergraduates Program Begins

Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) in Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering, launched in 2004, has been a success in bringing students from across the country to learn about research methods and polymers here at The University of Akron’s College of Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering. The 2018 summer internship program began May 29th and will offer 11 weeks of competitive research and career development experience to 17 students.

Spider glue resolves sticky problem

Graduate student Saranshu Singla, UA alums Gaurav Amarpuri and Nishad Dhopatkar, Professor Todd Blackledge, and Interim Dean Ali Dhinojwala collaborated in research that was originally published in

2018 Polymers Appreciation Day Student Poster Winners Announced!

Congratulations Nicholas Teo (left), Adam Woods (center), and Fang Peng (right) on being selected as the top 3 entries of the LORD Corporation student poster competition at this year’s Polymers Appreciation Day for Alumni & Industry!

Polymer College honors Leaders, Visionaries, and Innovators at Three-Day Alumni & Industry Event

While what would evolve into the College of Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering (CPSPE) began making waves over a century ago, it was officially established as a college in 1988 with Dr. Frank N. Kelley as dean. In the following 30 years, CPSPE continued to be a powerhouse of learning and innovation in the polymer industry.

A Polymer Playground: Akron Global Polymer Academy Consults on Science Center’s New TapeScape Exhibit

Cleveland’s Great Lakes Science Center has found a brand new way to make science come alive, and it comes in the form of polymers.

Isayev Welcomed to Prestigious EU Academy of Sciences

Dr. Avraam Isayev is a Distinguished Professor Emeritus within the Department of Polymer Engineering, a research advisor to dozens of masters and doctorate students, a highly awarded and published researcher, and now a member of the EU Academy of Sciences.

Improving 3-D printing of plastic parts

Professor Bryan Vogt, Adjunct Professor Miko Cakmak, and their colleagues are conducting the research featured in this American Chemical Society article.

Polymer Family Nights at Bath Elementary School

Bath Elementary School is the most recent scene of an AGPA Polymer Family Night.

May Safety Focus: Lab Inspections

The May Safety Focus will be Lab Inspections. It is our intention to do lab inspections twice a year during the spring, fall and anytime a lab has multiple violations.

Dr. Xiong Gong recognized as winner of 2017-18 Outstanding Researcher Award

Congratulations to Dr. Xiong Gong, Professor of Polymer Engineering, who has been selected as the recipient of UA's 2017-18 Outstanding Researcher Award.

College students to share startup ideas at free LaunchTown event Monday

A University of Akron student is cooking up a way to keep some medicines from breaking down at higher temperatures.

On Monday, polymer science student Cesar Lopez Gonzalez will bring his innovation to the 12th annual LaunchTown business idea competition.

CPSPE Supports Education at the Black Male Summit

This weekend marked the 11th annual Black Male Summit at The University of Akron, a crossroads of leadership and empowerment for black men. A disproportionate number of black men do not graduate from four-year colleges, and the summit aims to prevent this by preparing black students for success. The emphasis on education and excellence is very familiar to the staff and faculty of CPSPE, many of whom attended the summit.

Connecting with CFNC

Clean water and air, as well as products such as petroleum based fuels that are free of contaminants, are made possible by filtration. Filtration design, in turn, is enabled by multi-disciplinary technologies. That is why the Coalescence Filtration Nanofibers Consortium (CFNC) at The University of Akron (UA) was established by research leaders from both the College of Engineering (COE) and the College of Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering (CPSPE).