Dr.   Mukerrem     Cakmak

Dr. Mukerrem Cakmak

Distinguished Professor Emeritus (ret.)
Currently - Reilly Professor of Materials and Mechanical Engineering
Purdue University
School of Materials Engineering


  • 1984 Ph. D., Polymer Engineering, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  • 1979 M. S., Polymer Engineering, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  • 1975 B.S., Chemical Engineering, Technical University of Istanbul

Research Interests

His area of expertise is on Identification, modeling and simulation of complex structural mechanisms particularly stress induced crystallization that take place during the course of polymer processing operations of wide range of polymers subjected to solution , melt as well as rubbery state deformation. The range of materials includes the high temperature thermoplastics and their blends as well as nano particle filled systems. Of particular interest is the relationship between thermo-mechanical history applied by fiber spinning, film blowing, biaxial stretching and injection molding and evolved structure and properties. Current activities are focused on real time measurements of true mechano-optical and mechano-electrical properties of polymers undergoing uni and biaxial deformation for photonics applications. With the recent CMPND center, he is actively developing novel processes to address the needs of emerging markets. Towards this goal, his group recently developed a hybrid Electrospinning/solution casting multipurpose processing platform to produce functional polymer films including conductive transparent films. He has just received an $8M Third Frontier commercialization grant that integrates University researchers and industrial companies around the concept of "Functional Polyimide films and high performance nanocomposites". This project focuses on commercialization of products including Optical films for LCDs, high strength films for High Altitude Airship, high performance composites to replace jet engine parts and thermal management films for dissipating heat from electronic devices including plasma and liquid crystal television sets.