Dr.   Sadhan   C.   Jana

Dr. Sadhan C. Jana

BF Goodrich Professor, School of Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering
Associate Dean For Research, College of Engineering and Polymer Science
School of Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering
Phone: 330-972-8293
Email: janas@uakron.edu

Patents Issued to Prof. Sadhan C. Jana's Group

  1. Pugh, C.; Jana, S.C.; Swanson, N.; Raut, P.; Albehaijan, H. 2019 Polybutadiene graft copolymers as coupling agents for carbon black and silica dispersion in rubber compounds. US Patent No. 10472449, issued on November 12, 2019.
  2. Jana, S.C., Isayev, A. I. 2001 Multi-layered article having a conductive surface and a non-conductive core and process of making the same, US Patent No. 6172155B1.
  3. Jana et al. 2001 Melt-mixing thermoplastic and epoxy resin above Tg or Tm of thermoplastic with curing agent. US Patent No. 6197898B1
  4. Jana,S.C., Dris, I., Balch, G.S., 2000 Method of coagulating and isolating graft copolymers from lattices, US Parent No. 6156875.
  5. Jana, S.C., Scott, E., Sundararaj, U.T., 2000 Single extruder screw for blending of miscible and immiscible polymeric materials, US Patent No. 6132076.