Dr.   Roderic   P.   Quirk

Dr. Roderic P. Quirk

Research Professor and Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Department of Polymer Science


  • 1967 Ph.D., University of Illinois
  • 1965 M.S., University of Illinois
  • 1963 B.S., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Research Interests

Anionic polymerization: Vinyl, diene, oxirane and methacrylate monomers; functionalization reactions of polymeric carbanions; anionic synthesis of block copolymers and heteroarm star polymers; multifunctional anionic initiators; functionized initiators; functionalization hydrosilation.

Contact Information

Dr. Roderic P. Quirk
The University of Akron
Department of Polymer Science
Akron, Ohio 44325-3909

Email: rpquirk@uakron.edu
Voice: (330) 972-7510
Fax: (330) 972-5290

Recent Publications

"Synthesis of 4-, 8-, 12-arm star-branched polybutadienes with three different chain-end functionalities using a functionalized initiator", Hwang, J.; Foster, M. D.; Quirk, R. P.. Polymer (2004), 45(3), 873-880.

"Synthesis of diene-functionalized macromonomers via functionalization with hexa-1,3,5-triene", Quirk, Roderic P.; Gomochak, Deanna L.; Bhatia, Rajeev S.; Wesdemiotis, Chrys; Arnould, Mark A.; Wollyung, Kathleen.. Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics (2003), 204(18), 2183-2196.

"Effect of Segmental Adsorption on the Tethering of End-Functionalized Polymer Chains", Huang, H.; Penn, L. S.; Quirk, R. P.; Cheong, T. H. Macromolecules (2004), 37(2), 516-523.

"Diffusion and Rheology of Binary Polymer Mixtures ",Wang, Shanfeng; von Meerwall, Ernst D.; Wang, Shi-Qing; Halasa, A.; Hsu, W.-L.; Zhou, J. P.; Quirk, R. P., "", Macromolecules (2004), 37(4), 1641-1651.

"Anionic Synthesis and Characterization of w-Hydroxyl-Functionalized Poly(1,3-cyclohexadiene", Quirk, Roderic P.; You, Fengxiang; Wesdemiotis, Chrys; Arnould, Mark A., Macromolecules (2004), 37(4), 1234-1242.

"Comparison of Crystallization Kinetics in Various Nanoconfined Geometries", Sun, L.; Zhu, L.; Ge, Q.; Quirk, R. P.; Xue, C.; Cheng, S. Z. D.; Hsiao, B. S.; Avila-Orta, C. A.; Sics, I.; Cantino, M. E., Polymer 2004, 45, 2931-2939.

"Investigation of Ethylene Oxide Oligomerization During Functionalization of Poly(butadienyl)lithium using MALDI-TOF MS and 1H NMR Analyses", Quirk, R. P.; Guo, Y.; Wesdemiotis, C.; Arnould, M. A. Polymer 2004, 45, 3423-3428.

"Syndiospecific Synthesis of Longer p-n-Alkyl-Substituted Polystyrenes Using Monocyclopentadienyl-Type Titanium Catalysts", Quirk, Roderic P.; Ok, Myung-Ahn. Macromolecules 2004, 37(11), 3976-3982.

"Confinement Size Effect on Crystal Orientation Changes of Poly(ethylene oxide) Blocks in Poly(ethylene oxide)-b-polystyrene Diblock Copolymers", Huang, Ping; Zhu, Lei; Guo, Ya; Ge, Qing; Jing, Alexander J.; Chen, William Y.; Quirk, Roderic P.; Cheng, Stephen Z. D.; Thomas, Edwin L.; Lotz, Bernard; Hsiao, Benjamin S.; Avila-Orta, Carlos A.; Sics, Igors Macromolecules 2004, 37(10), 3689-3698.

"Chemically Shielded" Poly(ethylene oxide) Single Crystal Growth and Construction of Channel-Wire Arrays with Chemical and Geometric Recognitions on a Submicrometer Scale, Chen, William Y.; Li, Christopher Y.; Zheng, Joseph X.; Huang, Ping; Zhu, Lei; Ge, Qing; Quirk, Roderic P.; Lotz, Bernard; Deng, Lingfeng; Wu, Chi; Thomas, Edwin L.; Cheng, Stephen Z. D. Macromolecules, 2004, 37, 5292-5299.

"Transition from Mushroom to Brush During Formation of a Tethered Layer", Huang, Heqing; Rankin, Stephen E.; Penn, Lynn S.; Quirk, Roderic P.; Cheong, Tae Hee Langmuir, 2004, 20, 5770-5775.

"Kinetics of Sequential Tethering in Formation of Mixed Layers", Huang, H.; Penn, L. S.; Quirk, R. P.; Cheong, T. H. Macromolecules 2004, 37, 5807-5813.

"New Methodology for the Synthesis of Star Polymers Utilizing the Reaction of Living Polymers with Alkoxysilyl-Functionalized Polymers", Lee, Jae S.; Quirk, Roderic P.; Foster, Mark D.; Wollyung, Kathleen M.; Wesdemiotis, Chrys. Macromolecules 2004, 37 (17), 6385-6394.

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"Functionalization of Poly(styryl)lithium with Styrene Oxide", R. P. Quirk, H. Hasegawa, D. L. Gomochak, C. Wesdemiotis, K. Wollyung, Macromolecules 2004, 37, 7146-7155. -680.

"Kinetics of Polymer Brush Formation with and Without Segmental Adsorption," Penn, L. S. ; Huang, H.; Quirk, R. P.; Chaeong, T. H., Polymer Brushes, Advincula, R. Ed., Wiley-VCH Verlag, Weinheim, Germany, 2004, p 317-328.

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