Dr.   Stephen   Z.D.   Cheng

Dr. Stephen Z.D. Cheng

Professor Emeritus; Adjunct Professor;
Frank C. Sullivan Distinguished Research Professor
Trustees Professor
Department of Polymer Science


  • 1985 Ph.D., Polymer Chemistry, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  • 1981 M.S., Polymer Engineering, DongHua University
  • 1977 Diploma, Mathematics, East China Normal University

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National Academy of Engineering - Member Election, 2008
Election Citation: For the development of materials for liquid crystal displays and the elucidation of structure-property relationships in polymeric materials.

Research Interests

Condensed States in Polymeric Materials: Including Transition Thermodynamics, Kinetics, Molecular Motion in Metastable States, Crystal Structure and Morphology, Liquid Crystals and Liquid Crystalline Polymers, Surface and Interface Structures and Related Phase Transitions, Phase Structures and Phase Transitions in Nano-Confined Environments, Polymer Blends and Copolymers, High Performance Polymers, and Polymer Photonics.

Contact Information

Dr. Stephen Z.D. Cheng
The University of Akron
Department of Polymer Science
Akron, Ohio 44325-3909

Email: scheng@uakron.edu
Voice: (330) 972-7500
Fax: (330) 972-5290

Recent Publications

  1. Mingjun Huang, Chih-Hao Hsu, Jing Wang, Shan Mei, Xuehui Dong, Yiwen Li, Mingxuan Li, Hao Liu, Wei Zhang, Takuzo Aida, Wen-Bin Zhang, Kan Yue, and Stephen Z. D. Cheng, Selective assemblies of giant tetrahedra via precisely controlled positional interactions. Science, 348, 424-428, 2015.

  2. Zhiwei Lin, Pengtao Lu, Chih-Hao Hsu, Jian Sun, Yangbin Zhou, Mingjun Huang, Kan Yue, Bo Ni, Xue-Hui Dong, Xiaochen Li, Wen-Bin Zhang, Xinfei Yu and Stephen Z. D. Cheng, Hydrogen-Bonding-Induced Nanophase Separation in Giant Surfactants Consisting of Hydrophilic [60]Fullerene Tethered to Block Copolymers at Different Locations. Macromolecules, 48, 5496-5503, 2015.

  3. Bo Ni, Mingjun Huang, Ziran Chen, Yingchao Chen, Chih-Hao Hsu, Yiwen Li, Darrin Pochan, Wen-Bin Zhang, Stephen Z. D. Cheng,and Xue-Hui Dong, Pathway toward Large Two-Dimensional Hexagonally Patterne Colloidal Nanosheets in Solution. Journal of American Chemical Society, 137, 1392-1395, 2015.

  4. Wen-Bin Zhang, Xinfei Yu, Chien-Lung Wang, Hao-Jan Sun, I-Fan Hsieh, Yiwen Li, Xue-Hui Dong, Kan Yue, Ryan Van Horn, and Stephen Z. D. Cheng, Molecular nanoparticles are unique elements for macromolecular science: from "nanoatoms" to giant molecules (An invited perspective), Macromolecules, 47, 1211-1239, 2014.

  5. Hao Liu, Chih-Hao Hsu, Zhiwei Lin, Wenpeng Shan, Jing Wang, Jing Jiang, Mingjun Huang, Bernard Lotz, Xinfei Yu, Wen-Bin Zhang, Kan Yue and Stephen Z. D. Cheng,Two-Dimensional Nano-crystals of Molecular Janus Particles (Featured by JACS Spotlights). Journal of American Chemical Society, 136, 10691-10699, 2014.

  6. Kan Wu, Mingjun Huang, Chang Liu, Hao Liu, Xue-Hui Dong, Zhiwei Lin, Wei Zhang, An-Chang Shi, Kan Yue, Wen-Bin Zhang and Stephen Z. D. Cheng, Asymmetric giant "bolaform-like" surfactants: precise synthesis, phase diagram, and phase separation induced crystallization in the lamellae structure. Macromolecules, 47, 4623-4633, 2014.

  7. Zhao Wang, Yiwen Li, Xue-Hui Dong, Kai Guo, Hao Su,Kan Yue, Xinfei Yu, Chrys Wesdemiotis, Stephen Z. D. Chengand Wen-Bin Zhang, Giant gemini surfactants based on polystyrene-hydrophilic polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane amphiphiles: Triple "click" chemistry and solution self-assembly. Chemical Science, 4, 1345-1352, 2013.

  8. Xinfei Yu, KanYue, I-Fan Hsieh, Yiwen Li, Xue-Hui Dong, Chang Liu, Yu Xin, Hsiao-Fang Wang, An-Chang Shi, George R. Newkome, Rong-Ming Ho, Er-Qiang Chen, Wen-Bin Zhang and Stephen Z. D. Cheng, Giant surfactants provide a versatile platform for sub-10-nm nanostructure engineering. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 110, 10078-10083, 2013.

  9. Xue-Hui Dong, Ryan Van Horn, Andreas Wurm, Christoph Schick, Bernard Lotz, Wen-Bin Zhang and Stephen Z. D. Cheng, Exactly defined half-folds with precisely controlled defect locations. Journal of Physical Chemistry Letter, 4, 2356-2360, 2013.

  10. Xinfei Yu, Wen-Bin Zhang, Kan Yue, Xiaopeng Li, Hao Liu, Yu Xin, Chien-Lung Wang, Chrys Wesdemiotis and Stephen Z. D. Cheng, Giant molecular shape amphiphiles based on polystyrene–hydrophilic [60]fullerene conjugates: Click synthesis, solution self-assembly, and phase behavior. Journal of American Chemical Society, 134, 7780-7787, 2012.

  11. Yiwen Li, Wen-Bin Zhang, I-Fan Hsieh, Guoliang Zhang, Yan Cao, Xiaopeng Li, Chrys Wesdemiotis, Bernard Lotz, Huiming Xiong and Stephen Z. D. Cheng, Breaking symmetry towards non-spherical Janus particles based on polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxanes: Molecular design, "click" synthesis, and hierarchical structure. Journal of American Chemical Society, 133, 10712-10715, 2011.

  12. Chien-Lung Wang, Wen-Bin Zhang, Ryan M. Van Horn, Yingfeng Tu, Xiong Gong, Stephen Z. D. Cheng, Yanming Sun, Minghong Tong, Junghwa Seo, Ben B.Y, Hsu and Alan J. Heeger, A porphyrin-fullerene dyadwith a supramolecular "double-cable" structure as a novel electron acceptor for bulk heterojunction polymer solar cells. Advanced Materials, 23, 2951-2956, 2011.