Dr.   Junpeng     Wang

Dr. Junpeng Wang

Assistant Professor
Department of Polymer Science
Phone: 330-972-5345
Email: jwang6@uakron.edu

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Dr. Junpeng Wang is a physical organic and materials chemist. Prior to joining U Akron as an assistant professor of Polymer Science, he worked as postdocs with Prof. Jeremiah Johnson at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Prof. Luping Yu at University of Chicago, respectively. He conducted his PhD research on polymer mechanochemistry with Prof. Stephen Craig at Duke University, and obtained his PhD degree in chemistry in 2015.

Research Interests

Mechanical force is ubiquitous and the mechanical forces experienced by most polymeric materials are orders-of-magnitude higher than the force that is required to break a bond in a molecule. Efficiently coupling macroscopic forces down to molecules of interest can enable many useful transformations. Inspired by this simple idea, the field of polymer mechanochemistry has been rapidly developing in two aspects: 1) activating new reactions with mechanical force; 2) applying stress-responsive functional moieties as sensors to detect forces in materials. We believe that the current stage of mechanochemistry is still far from its full potential, and we are excited to apply Akron’s strength in polymer science to push this boundary forward. Specific problems that we are seeking to tackle include mechanically activated efficient bond-forming reactions for self-strengthening materials and bioconjugation, stimuli-responsive materials and stress sensors for biophysical studies.

Recent Publications

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  • Ph.D., Chemistry, Duke University, 2015
  • B.S., Chemistry, University of Science & Technology of China, 2010