Our Mission

We are a scholarly community, operating in an atmosphere of mutual respect, with a three-fold mission: to create knowledge, to train and educate students, and to disseminate knowledge. In all of this we serve not only our students, but also perform functions, as individual faculty, that contribute to the general well-being of our academic disciplines, the university, and the community beyond. We engage in world-class, multi-disciplinary, collaborative scientific research that elucidates the fundamental principles of macromolecular science, especially emerging fields such as photonics, biomaterials, and nanotechnology. We educate, first and foremost, graduate students, assisting them to cultivate a life of the mind, from which to think critically, investigate the world with the tools of research, communicate effectively, and creatively translate knowledge into new technologies and policies. We disseminate knowledge, not only through teaching of students, but also through scholarly publication, public scientific discussion, and outreach activities to the scientific community and the world.

Admissions Standards

A complete statement of the department's admissions standards may be found by clicking here.

Manner in which the program addresses the needs of the state or region

The Department of Polymer Science directly addresses the regional and state-wide need for educating and training highly skilled persons so that they can think critically in technical areas in order to competently and responsibly inform public debate and work in technology-based private and public enterprises. Our students, working ethically, apply recent advancements in science to the solution of pressing human issues and to the improvement of quality of life. The Department provides differentiation and leadership for the region by offering an environment for scholarly study and research combined with faculty expertise that is unique. International attention is drawn to the region's strengths in new soft-materials research, education, and development. We provide leadership for new initiatives, building on the region's unrivaled history of innovation and economic strength in steel, commodity plastics and rubber to launch into emerging materials areas that will continue to provide economic vitality in the future.

Placement objectives for graduates

The Department of Polymer Science's objective is that 100% of its graduates find challenging industrial and governmental positions in research, development, and production of polymers and composite materials, particularly in emerging technology areas, and academic positions geared toward interdisciplinary study.

Date when the statement was posted/revised

March 1, 2005