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The University of Akron Dance Program offers students traditional technical training combined with an academic program leading to a Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) degree in Dance or Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in Dance with a Business Cognate. A minor in dance is also available.

The UA Dance Program prepares students for:

  • performing careers
  • teaching careers
  • graduate studies in fields related to dance such as arts administration (available at The University of Akron School of Dance, Theatre, and Arts Administration), physical therapy, dance therapy, dance history, dance ethnology, or dance education

The University of Akron is accredited by

nasd akron

The National Association of Schools of Dance

Dance Program credit and time policy

In the dance program, lecture courses meet for 50-minute per credit hour each week for 15 weeks, with the expectation of two hours of work per credit outside of class. Majors level dance technique classes meet for a minimum of 100-minute per credit hour each week for 15 weeks.

Dance Degrees 

Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) in Dance

This degree track is for the student who wishes to pursue professional training in dance through an emphasis on ballet technique. The curriculum includes training in technical, performing and choreographic skills, as well as an in-depth knowledge of dance history. Placement is by audition.

To be admitted to the B.F.A. degree program, students must successfully pass the B.F.A. audition. Typically, students register for the B.F.A. Audition after completing two years of study. Students must complete one full year of Ballet VIII and must be enrolled in ballet technique class each semester until they satisfy their technique requirements.

To learn more about the B.F.A. in Dance curriculum, click the following link. 

Read the Curriculum Guide

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Dance with Business Cognate

This degree track is for students who wish to pursue dance training through an emphasis in the four major dance idioms of ballet, modern, jazz, and tap. The program also offers course work in choreography, history, physical analysis, and pedagogy. A placement audition is required for all incoming students.

The first step to becoming a dance major is to be admitted to The University of Akron and to declare dance as your intended major. All prospective dance majors enter the program provisionally and are reviewed by the full-time dance faculty through a Freshman Jury and Interview at the end of the freshman year. Typically, students register for the Freshman Jury and Interview (7910:201) during their second semester of study. Students successfully passing the Freshman Jury and Interview are admitted into the Buchtel College of Arts and Sciences as B.A. in Dance majors. All dance majors are required to study dance technique every semester they are enrolled until they satisfy their technique requirements.

To learn more about the B.A in Dance with Business Cognate, click the following link. 

Read the Curriculum Guide

Dance Minor

The University of Akron has approved dance as a minor field of study that may be placed on a student’s record when all requirements have been completed.

Undergraduate Bulletin

Additional information on majors and minors, such course descriptions, may be found in the undergraduate bulletin.

Undergraduate Bulletin