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Professional training in classic, contemporary, and devised theatre 

Theatre has been a vital part of The University of Akron for more than 100 years! 

Today a diverse student body collaborates with a distinguished, award-winning faculty in intensive laboratory classes that provide opportunities to develop practical skills, engage in community action, and immerse themselves in the creative process.

Dynamic stagings of classic, contemporary, and devised plays enhance the cultural lives of all students at The University of Akron, as well as the residents of the greater Akron community. The UA Theatre Arts Program has received recognition for its work in recent years from the Kennedy Center/American College Theatre Festival.

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Theatrical innovation with tradition; the global with the grassroots 

At The University of Akron, theatre education is not limited to the production of plays, but rather becomes a set of tools that allows the student to enter into collaborative, experiential partnerships which may involve advocacy, story-sharing, civic application, and cross-sector innovation.  UA Theatre Arts strives to integrate ensemble artistic practice with interdisciplinary, community-based research; innovation with tradition; and the global with the grassroots. At The University of Akron, we are Making Theatre Work

UA Theatre Arts Program Degrees

The following degrees require students to complete general academic and theatre requirements. They are designed to prepare students for competency in acting, directing, theatre history and literature, design, technical theatre or education. As a result, students can acquire the skills to teach theatre, to continue training in graduate school, and/or to work professionally in both commercial and regional theatre. 

BA Degrees in Theatre Arts include: 

The Skin of Our Teeth

Minor in Theatre Arts

The University of Akron offers minor fields of study that may be placed on a student's record when all requirements have been completed. To view the Curriculum Guide, click on the link below.

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The Lower Depths

Going Deeper Into UA Theatre Arts

Program Values 

From UA faculty to UA student, these values guide the Theatre Arts Program toward academic and professional success.

Cultural Diversity

The UA Theatre Arts Program embraces diversity and promotes scholarship and theatre productions/techniques that address diversity issues. The program actively seeks to improve access to theatre and education for underserved populations.

Global Perspectives

The UA Theatre Arts Program promotes an international perspective in all aspects of teaching, production, and scholarship, including opportunities to study abroad. The study of theatre allows students to experience directly (in the classroom and on stage) the effect of world politics, economics, race, religion and technology on society and to examine in action how global values and beliefs might shape the future.

Community Engagement

The UA Theatre Arts Program believes in connecting campus and community, not only through public performances, but also by extending the traditional skills and tools of theatre into civic engagement, community service, activism, and wellness.

Collaboration and Inter-Disciplinary Perspectives

The UA Theatre Arts Program values an ensemble and collaborative approach to the creative process. We seek out and promote a variety of collaborative relationships with other disciplines and programs within the University and with communities outside the university to provide a vibrant exchange of ideas and techniques.

Excellence and Innovation

The UA Theatre Program strives to achieve performances of superior educational and artistic quality. We value innovation over conformity and risk-taking over security in our teaching, research, and artistic enterprises. Like our colleagues in the sciences, our role as artists within an excellent research, polytechnic institution is to be on the forefront of exploring new possibilities for theatre and performing arts to stimulate change and to enhance the quality of life in our community. 

Integrity and Professionalism

The faculty, staff, and students of the UA Theatre Arts Program must challenge themselves continuously to employ the highest standards of honesty and transparency, and artistic and scholarly integrity in all aspects of their work.