Admission requirements for master's program

For full admission you need to have a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university with an overall grade-point average of 2.75 or better or 3.00 for the last two years (64 semester credits or equivalent). Full admission also requires students to have taken Intermediate Microeconomics (3250:410) with a grade of B+ or better, Intermediate Macroeconomics with a grade of B+ or better (3250:400); Analytic Geometry - Calculus I (3450:221) and statistics equivalent to Introductory Statistics I and II (3470:261 and 262).

The academic background of each applicant will be reviewed by the Department Chair and the Department Graduate Committee to determine whether background deficiencies exist for his/her planned program of study. Exceptional departures from these requirements may be approved with the permission of the Department Chair.

Answers to frequently asked questions regarding admission requirements are also available here.

What's required

A complete application for the Master's Degree requires you to:

Submit to the Graduate School

  1. An application form is available online.
  2. The non-refundable application fee. All application fees must be paid by credit card when submitting the online application. If you are reapplying for a masters' degree program there is a  non-refundable reapplication fee.
  3. Official transcripts from each college or university attended (except The University of Akron). Official transcripts must be sent to The University of Akron Graduate School, Polsky Building, Room 469, Akron, OH 44325-2101.
  4. TOEFL and GRE scores are required for international students.

Submit to the College of Business Administration

  1. A minimum of two letters of recommendation, preferably from professors or researchers who are qualified to comment on the applicant's academic strengths and weaknesses. (Recommendation Form). Sealed letters can be mailed to Graduate Business Programs, The University of Akron, Akron OH 44310. Copies may also be scanned and emailed to
  2. Statement of purpose.
  3. Resume.
  4. Graduate Record Examination (GRE) or Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) scores which are required for international students and recommended for domestic students.  A minimum score of 50th percentile on the verbal and quantitative sections of the GRE test is preferred.  A minimum score of 50th percentile on all sections of the GMAT test is preferred.

Submit to Office of International Programs

    1. Pay a mandatory orientation fee required of international students after admission.
    2. Provide a Declaration and Certification of Finances Form required after admission.

Financial aid

Financial aid in the form of Graduate Assistantships and tuition waivers are available on a competitive basis.  All information regarding graduate assistantship applications is available here.