What graduates say about our program

Without a doubt, my time spent with my classmates and the faculty in the Department of Economics at UA prepared me for success in the workplace. The professors within the MA program challenged me and provided the support necessary for me to develop my data analytics, problem solving, and critical thinking abilities. The program fostered an environment that encouraged teamwork among classmates and really allowed me to expand my knowledge because of my interactions with my peers. And the network of contacts built up within the program assisted me with finding job opportunities, both during my time in the program and after graduation. I'll always look back with appreciation of my time spent in the Department of Economics MA program, and am grateful for the opportunities and friendships it's provided me post-graduation.

Adam Cocco [MA 2010], KeyBank, Cleveland, Ohio

My experience in the Master’s program at The University of Akron provided me with quantitative skills that are extremely valuable in today’s professional environment. The faculty taught me theoretical foundations and technical facilities that are applicable to the real world. Most importantly, I gained the communication skills to explain my work to a variety of audiences. It was tremendous for my personal growth as well as my career.

Nick Fritsch [MA 2012], Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, Ohio

“Having been involved in regulatory affairs and commercial operations for one of the country’s largest natural gas utilities, I often have to turn data into actionable information and present it to senior management, regulators and customers. My MA in Economics from the University of Akron prepared me extremely well for that and much more. The rigorous analysis and critical thinking skills that the program imparted helps me ask the right questions and consider the responses from the right vantage point. Although I have an executive MBA as well, I find that the “economics mindset” has proved much more valuable in tackling the larger and more challenging issues facing my company.”

Jeff Murphy [MA 1981], Vice-President, East Dominion Gas Company

“Pursuing the MA degree in Economics from the University of Akron was one of the best decisions I’ve made. The professors are all great people- friendly, knowledgeable, and willing to help you with whatever you need to succeed. I likely wouldn’t have the job at FirstEnergy that I do today had I not received a recommendation from one of my professors, who is a retired FirstEnergy executive.

Prior to entering my pursuit of the MA degree in Economics at the University of Akron, one trait that I lacked was leadership. Through collaboration with my fellow graduate student teammates, as encouraged by the course structure, I developed leadership ability, which has carried over to my career at FirstEnergy; some people see me as a “key leader of our company.”

The classes are challenging, valuable, and rewarding. In the business world, challenges that we face often encompass a wide area, such that one specific knowledge base cannot be applied to everything. The MA degree in Economics from The University of Akron has given me the skillset to solve problems and deliver results across the entire organization. One such area was building a new sales and revenue accrual estimation process, which was so successful that it received FirstEnergy’s most prestigious award, the President’s Award. I’m confident that I wouldn’t have been able to develop this process without the analytical, SAS, and leadership skills that I acquired while pursuing the MA degree in Economics from the University of Akron.”

Tom Dolezal [MA 2011], FirstEnergy, Akron, Ohio

Data intensive positions in both economics and business require solid understanding of theory, methodologies and statistical tools. The Master’s program in Economics at UA provided me with not only the framework for advanced analytics, but also the ability to ask the right questions. Economic policies, or business decisions heavily rely on the accuracy, as well as the relevancy of such analyses; the MA program in economics successfully prepared me to be an influential part of my organization.

Teodora Lang [MA 2014], Insight2Profits, Cleveland, Ohio

My education in economics at the University of Akron Master’s program provided me with valuable skills in data analysis, and applications of economic theory and statistical tools, which I utilize in my workplace on a daily basis. More importantly, the MA program equipped me with a set of critical thinking skills that can be applied in various fields and industries. Above all else, having supportive and caring faculty was incredibly important to me. Having a MA degree in economics has added tremendously to my knowledge and allowed me to pursue my professional goals.”

Dragana Mijatovic [MA 2014], FirstMerit Bank Capital Planning Analyst, Akron, Ohio