The CBA Scholarship Application for the 2020-2021 academic year is now live!

This is a single application for all scholarships in the CBA (i.e. all academic departments and institutes). We recommend approximately 30-60 minutes to complete the application. Because you will need to complete multiple essays as part of the application, we recommend using a tablet or computer instead of a phone to complete the application.

Every student in the CBA should complete the application! Each scholarship that is awarded has different criteria… some are based upon leadership, community service, involvement in the CBA or UA. Many are based upon financial need. Some are based upon where students live (i.e. county, city) or attended high school. Some take into consideration major or GPA. Because there are SO MANY scholarships, every student should submit an application to be eligible for a scholarship

CBA Scholarship Application

Scholarship deadline – Friday, January 31, 2020 at 9:00pm.

The Economics Department has two scholarships available for students to apply for: Dilley Family Endowed Scholarship in Economics or the Lung-ho Lin Scholarship Fund.

The College of Business Administration also posts External Scholarship Opportunities on the CBA Scholarship website that would apply to business majors. This page is constantly being updated as more opportunities are available so keep checking it out!

Donors - Scholarships Change Lives

Many students today cannot afford the cost of a college education and rely on the availability of scholarships and other sources of financial aid to pursue their dream of achieving a college degree in their field of interest. The University of Akron is proud of its top-notch Department of Economics, whose alumni and friends are especially mindful of students' needs.

This fall we are launching the Economics Alumni Scholarship with the goal of offering support to deserving economics majors and to recruit well-qualified new majors into one of the Department's under-graduate programs. Our five-year goal is to build an Economics Alumni Scholarship endowment of $100,000. An endowment of this magnitude will permit the Department to award $5,000 in scholarships annually.  In our Department newsletter you can meet some of our majors and learn how scholarships even in modest amounts can help finance their education.

To donate go on-line to  Be sure to specify your gift be directed to the Dilley Family Endowed Scholarship in Economics or the Lung-ho Lin Scholarship Fund.

Many Thanks!