Third-party programs

Steps to complete to participate in a third party program

  1. Complete the Education Abroad Application
  2. Send your Requests for Academic Reference Forms
  3. Complete the Student Conduct Study Abroad Release Form
  4. Once approved through Education Abroad Office, apply to your desired program

After you are admitted

You must have completed before departing:

Passport & Visa

Please note: Passport processing times have increased due to covid. If you plan to travel abroad, make applying for a passport your FIRST STEP. Expect up to 18 weeks for routine service and 12 weeks for expedited service. Check the US government travel site for more details on applying and wait times.

  • Your passport should generally be valid at least six months beyond the date of your anticipated return to the U.S.
  • If a visa is required for entry to your destination, your Third Party Affiliate will provide guidance on how to obtain the visa. Please make certain to ask them about this important step.

Check for scholarship opportunities

There are a variety of scholarship opportunities for students wishing to study abroad, additionally Third Party Programs often offer their own scholarships and financial aid.

Check the additional resources

There are a number of additional resources that can be helpful to students planning to study abroad.