Our Mission

As educators in the Department of Curricular & Instructional Studies, our mission is to prepare responsible citizens for life in a pluralistic society.  We understand that knowledge in the 21st century is built on an appreciation of diversity, the proficient use of technology, and an unwavering respect for ethics. Furthermore, we believe that through knowledge, diversity, technology and ethics, educators create opportunities to open minds to history, culture, creativity, exploration, adventure, and invention.

Therefore, the mission of the Department of Curricular & Instructional Studies is to use interdisciplinary, holistic and inclusive pedagogical methods that promote academic excellence for our students and engender influential research for all educators. To that end, we actively collaborate with schools and communities in the preparation of professional educators who can work effectively in varied learning environments, including urban, suburban, and rural settings in an increasingly interdependent world.  Ultimately, our goal is to develop and support 21st century professional educators who continually reflect on and improve their own instructional practices through critical thinking, knowledge of best practices including research-based and standards-based instruction, and a deep commitment to the education of “all” learners.

To achieve this, we as a department are committed to:

  • Fostering innovation in teaching, research and service to contribute to the profession of teacher preparation;
  • Grounding candidates in pedagogical knowledge shared across faculty;
  • Grounding candidates in pedagogical content knowledge through an interdisciplinary approach;
  • Continuing outstanding scholarship in teacher preparation research and initiatives;
  • Fostering community and university-wide engagement/partnership which generate a collective impact;
  • Engaging in interdisciplinary collaboration within the department, college, university, and community so as to maintain a unique and authentic sense of place and support for each other; and
  • Aligning with the college mission and university mission.