e-Learning Certificate Program


All applicants to the e-Learning Certificate program should have previously earned a bachelor’s degree. Applicants wishing to pursue a Master’s degree in Educational Foundations emphasizing Instructional Technology must apply to the Graduate School for admission into the program.

Applicants wishing to pursue only the certificate program must apply to the Graduate School for admission into a Certificate Program. Even if you are already in the Master's program in Instructional Technology, you must ALSO apply for the Certificate Program.  Apply to the Graduate School in the Certificate Program pursuing the eLearning Certificate

If you live in these states, you may complete this program online!

Program Requirements

This e-Learning Certificate requires a minimum of 18 credit hours. The certificate has been designed to assist students in becoming competent, employable professionals, capable of making a significant contribution to the field. The graduate curriculum provides its students with exposure to a wide range of emerging technologies, while still ensuring the basic competencies required of all practitioners. In this way, the program directly addresses the rapidly accelerating changes in the field of new media technologies.

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Choose 18 hours from the following:

Course Number Course Name Credits
5150:610 Introduction to Instructional Technology 3
5150:631 Instructional Design 3
5150:632 Web-based Learning Systems 3
5150:633 Hypermedia/Multimedia 3
5150:639 Strategies for Online Teaching 3
Emerging Technologies for Instruction
Integrating and Implementing Technology



Total hours required: 18


Apply online in MY AKRON for graduation before the term in which you will graduate.