Frequently Asked Questions About the Instructional Technology Program

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How do I obtain the software programs I’ll need in the graduate courses?

The University has negotiated site licenses and discounts for all of the software applications you will need. Visit Computer Solutions in the Student Union with valid identification (Zip Card or Drivers License) and you will be able to purchase the latest versions of Microsoft Office, Windows OS and other applications.

Why do I see a Brightspace course IT Master's Portal listed for the Educational Foundations Field Experience?

You were added to the class roster of this Brightspace site automatically once you were enrolled in a required or elective course in the IT master’s program. This site provides you with much of the information needed for the program. There are sections for advising, information about the ePortfolio and the field experience requirements. This site will remain active while you are in the program. The class list provides access to others in the program.

Is the e-portfolio required for graduation?

Yes, the e-portfolio has replaced the Comprehensive Examination as a graduation requirement. Detailed directions on how to prepare your e-portfolio will be provided by your adviser and are available in the IT Master's Portal in Brightspace. The purpose of the portfolio requirement is to provide you with a "capstone" experience, one that pulls together much of what you've learned into an integrated whole. The portfolio requirement helps to prepare you to seek employment and provides an opportunity for career counseling. During coursework in the IT masters program you will learn all the necessary skills to create a multimedia portfolio presentation and have many examples of your proficiency to demonstrate.

Where are graduation dates posted?

The dates for graduation and information on ALL aspects of the process are provided on the university website – see:

What is Advancement to Candidacy forms?

The Advancement to Candidacy document is completed with your adviser. This form will ensure that your online transcript matches your plan (program course distribution) and that you have met all the requirements for graduation. This form is audited by the Graduate School so it must be completed and submitted in a timely fashion. This is also your application for graduation. It must be done early check your PCD for dates.