Required Courses and Descriptions

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 Foundations Courses (9)
Course Number Course Title, Brief Description Credits
5100:600 Philosophies of Education Examination of basic questions that confront society, philosophical problems, underlying broad educational questions that confront society, and provides a foundation for understanding the questions of modern society and education. 3
5100:624 Educational Psychology (May be repeated for a total of six credits). Prerequisite 250 or equivalent. In-depth study of research in selected areas of learning, development, evaluation and motivation. 3
5100:640 Using Research to Inform Practice  Research methods and techniques commonly used in education and behavioral sciences, preparation of research reports. Includes library, historical, survey and experimental research and data analysis. 3
 Core Courses (15) 
Course Number Course Title, Brief Description Credits


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Introduction to Instructional Technology (co-requisite for all other Core Coursework) Introduction of the Instructional Technology program including overview modules focused on the ISTE NETS-T standards for teachers. Guidance and planning for the field experiences providing an opportunity to integrate student coursework, theory and experience into workplace settings. The goal for each student is to expand their understanding of the practical aspects of being regarded as a technology leader within their organization.   3
5150:614 Planning for Technology (co-requisite 5150:610) Emphasizes the process of planning for the use of technology in the school. Includes plans for faculty support, grant writing, alternative arrangements of computer set-ups and planning for staff development. 3


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Instructional Design (co-requisite 5150:610) The theory and practice of Instructional Design (ID) involves a systematic approach to the analysis, design, development, evaluation, and implementation of effective instruction. 3


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Multimedia/Hypermedia (co-requisite 5150:610) The purpose of this course is to introduce students to a variety of hypermedia and multimedia tools. 3
5150:638 Integrating and Implementing Technology (co-requisite 5150:610) This course is designed to equip teachers with tools, resources and strategies to support the integration and implementation of effective use of technology in the classroom to support student learning and achievement. 3
 Electives (6) 
Course Number Course Title, Brief Description Credits
5150:590,591 Workshops Individual work under staff guidance on curriculum problems, utilization of community resources, planning of curriculum units. Delivered in faced-to-face web-enhanced format and fully online format. 3-6


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Web-Based Learning (co-requisite 5150:610) The purpose of this course is to help students become proficient in the design and development of web-based learning systems and Web 2.0 technologies for training and education. 3
5150:635 Emerging Technology (co-requisite 5150:610) This course examines emerging technologies (hardware,software,systems) that support teaching/learning, and methods for assessing the utility of any technology used for instructional purposes. 3


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Strategies for Online Teaching/Learning (co-requisite 5150:610) The course will prepare instructors to make the transition from teaching in a physical classroom to facilitate learning in an increasingly virtual classroom. 3
5150:696 Technology Project 2-3

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