Assessment and Evaluation

About the Program

The master's degree program and certificate program are available as online programs if you live in these states!

Both the master's program and the certificate program in Educational Foundations emphasizing Assessment and Evaluation prepare teachers and other educators to be leaders in the area of school-based assessment and evaluation. Knowledge and skills in assessment and evaluation are necessary for data-driven decision making in education. Today’s educators are expected to be involved in data-driven decision making to inform student learning and to engage in school improvement initiatives. Both programs are applicable to all educators with a focus across disciplines, content areas, and grade levels.

The master's program is geared toward current or future educators who would like to become assessment and evaluation leaders in their schools, school districts, and/or state.

The certificate program is geared toward current or future classroom teachers and other educators who want to expand their knowledge of the basic principles and applications of assessment and evaluation.


This program has been named one of the nation's top affordable online master’s in educational assessment and evaluation degrees by Best Value Schools.

Alumni Spotlight

Chatterjee Head ShotPiya Chatterjee, a Spring 2017 graduate of the M.A.Ed. program in Assessment, Evaluation and Data Literacy, has recently been accepted for publication in the Ohio Journal of Teacher Education.  The title of her article is "Outcome of EETT on Computer Skills and Use of Ohio Students and Teachers" and will appear in the Fall 2017 issue.

Chatterjee is on staff at the Summit Education Initiative as a Program Evaluation Coordinator.  She is also enrolled at The University of Akron as a Ph.D. candidate in Secondary Education.

Student Testimonials

gold star"One of my favorite parts of the Assessment and Evaluation Master’s program is that the professors support and encourage you to adapt many of the assignments to fit your individual needs for the classroom.  I have been able to continuously apply what I have learned in my courses to improve the learning experiences of my students."    (Kim Ochsenbine, Master’s Student)

gold star“You will find the coursework challenging but fascinating, while also having the opportunity to work with professors who retain real-world experiences. The program has continuously enhanced my diverse personal and professional activities.” (Christopher Kalina, Master’s Student)

gold star“The program provided me with the core foundations I needed to understand assessment and evaluation from theory to practice. The skills I learned were immediately useful given the increasing demands for accountability in arts education.” (Jason White, 2013 Graduate)

gold star“The program was very beneficial as an educator. I use techniques to better assess my students. I feel more aware of the content that my students are struggling with and ways to help them achieve success. Each professor was extremely knowledgeable…this intrigued you to push yourself to learn more.” (Rachel Nitzsche, 2013 Graduate)