Master's Program in Educational Foundations: Assessment & Evaluation

Course Information

  • Master's program is 30 credit hours
  • Available as an online program!
  • Courses provide background in, and practical applications of, assessment, evaluation, and data-driven decision making
  • Master's project is required in which students will design and conduct an evaluation project of their choice
  • A culminating portfolio will demonstrate student's mastery of program goals
  • Graduate Program Handbook

A list of the courses, brief course descriptions, and credit hours follows.

Foundations Courses (9 credit hours)

Course Number Course Title & Brief Description Credit Hours
5100:600 Philosophies of Education 
Examination of basic questions that confront society, philosophical problems, and underlying broad educational questions that confront society. Provides a foundation for understanding the question of modern society and education.
5100:624 Educational Psychology 
Prerequisite: 250 or equivalent 
In-depth study of research in selected areas of learning, development, evaluation, and motivation.
5100:640 Using Research to Inform Practice 
Research methods and techniques commonly used in education and behavioral sciences, preparation of research reports. Includes library, historical, survey, and experimental research and data analysis.

Core Courses (21 credit hours)

Course Title & Brief Description Credit Hours
5100:642 Introduction to Classroom Assessment for Teachers
The focus of this class is on the practical classroom assessment skills future and practicing teachers need for decision-making about student learning.
5100:650 Implementing Assessment Techniques in the Classroom
Prerequisite: 642
Students in this class will develop, implement, and evaluate a comprehensive 9-week assessment plan.
5100:651 Data-Driven Decision Making for Educators 
The purpose of this course is to facilitate the understanding and utilization of data to identify classroom and school improvement needs and make informed decisions in effecting change. Students will learn the nature of multiple data sources, to identify improvement needs, to conduct descriptive analysis, to monitor and correct progress, and to demonstrate success to stakeholders.
5100:652 Introduction to Educational Evaluation
Introduction to core concepts of educational evaluation including; the purpose, process, standards, and models of evaluation. Students will develop skills in interpreting and critiquing evaluation reports.
5100:653 Practical Applications of Educational Evaluation
Prerequisites: 652
This course is designed as the second part of educational evaluation with a focus on the application of evaluation concepts and theory to real world situations.
5100:654 Master’s Project in Assessment & Evaluation: Part I
This capstone course is the culminating learning experience for the Masters Degree in Assessment and Evaluation. Students complete a comprehensive evaluation project of their choice.
5100:655 Master’s Project in Assessment & Evaluation: Part II
Prerequisite: 654
This is the second part of the capstone course in completing a comprehensive evaluation project. Students will continue to work with the course instructor to successfully conduct a comprehensive evaluation project of their choice.

In lieu of a comprehensive written exam, students will submit a culminating portfolio that demonstrates mastery of program goals.