Graduate Assistantships

The term Graduate Assistant applies to those students under contract supported by University funds or external funds administered through the University. Graduate assistants have varied duties that may include supervising students, teaching responsibility for lower level courses, or assisting departments in various ways. Graduate assistant requirements vary by position.

Within the Higher Education Administration program, completing a graduate assistantship concurrently with your master's degree is highly recommended. The experience will not only benefit you on the professional level, but also assist you with understanding course information.

Students interested in obtaining an assistantship must apply. New students may indicate on their Online Application for Admission that they would like to be considered for an assistantship. Current students must contact their academic department for application information. Each department may have different requirements for their assistantship applicants, so all students should contact their academic department to see what other requirements they may have to fulfill. All assistantships (and any fellowships) are awarded through the individual departments.