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Higher Education Administration

The Higher Education Administration program is a generalist, practitioner-based program that trains students to work in both academic and student services.

gold star 2-1  Quality Programming

Our Higher Education master's program is an accelerated program, requiring only 36 credits for degree completion and enabling students to complete their degrees in a timely and flexible manner.

gold star 2-1  Job Focus

Following graduation, our students compete on a national level and are hired for jobs throughout the United States.  Many of our graduates successfully find positions in institutions of higher education in northeast Ohio.

gold star 2-1  Certificate Program

We offer a Higher Education certificate program for those who may have earned master's degrees but are seeking a Higher Education focus.

gold star 2-1  Our Students

Our students are a combination of full-time graduate students and adults who are employed full time and our curriculum is offered in a manner that meets their scheduling needs.

Gold star  Graduate Testimonials

Bryce A. Cain, M.A. Ed., May 2013

Bryce A. CainI chose to begin the master’s degree program in higher education administration  at The University of Akron during the Fall 2011 semester because I desired to become an adviser or administrator in an academic-support services capacity. I felt that by successfully completing this program I would become equipped with the theoretical underpinnings, administrative knowledge, and first-hand experiences to make me a serious contender for these types of professional employment opportunities.
Fortunately, reflecting back on my experiences over the past two years, I can say that my presuppositions were correct. By integrating what I learned inside of the classroom with invaluable outside of the classroom experiences such as my eight month internship within the Office of Multicultural Development as well as my two graduate assistantship positions within the Department of Student Life and the Center for Academic Advising and Student Success at The University of Akron, I feel as if I am now adequately educated, trained, and prepared to assume my first professional position in the realm of student affairs.
If you are intrinsically committed to student success and consider yourself to be someone who might enjoy group work, delivering presentations, and writing scholarly research papers on various aspects related to higher education administration and student development theory, then this may just be the perfect master’s program for you!

Steve Sedlock, M.S.Ed., May 2013

Steve SedlockI decided to attend UA for the Higher Ed Admin program because of its broad approach.  The program touches on not just student services/activities or student development, but it examines program/curriculum design, assessment, finance in higher education, and law – all topics we as professionals use on a daily basis.
Being in the program has provided so many opportunities to hear from and collaborate with professionals across campus.  Hearing from practitioners who are well established in the field of higher education has been a wonderful opportunity.  To gain a real life understanding of trends and expectations of students from their perspective has been essential to my own learning process.  As the environment of higher education continues to evolve, I feel prepared to be able to contribute to the conversation.
I would recommend the program to anyone interested in a profession in the college or university setting.  The degree is so versatile – admissions, student activities, residence life and housing, alumni relations, academic advising.  And the way this program works, it is able to show the full spectrum from the importance of college-readiness through engagement after graduation.