Educational Administration: The Principalship Master's Program (Standard Program)

The Department of Educational Foundations and Leadership offers a 30-hour Master’s Degree Program in the Principalship. Requirements of the Principalship Master’s Degree Program in Educational Administration are listed below.

Master’s Courses - 30 credits

5100:600 (3) Philosophies of Education
5100:620 (3) Psychology of Instruction for Teaching and Learning
5100:624 (3) Educational Psychology
5100:640 (3) Using Research to Inform Practice
5170:601 (3) Organizational Leadership
5170:604 (3) School Contexts and Community Involvement
5170:607 (3) School Law
5170:610 (3) Supervision of Instruction
5170:620 (3) School Culture and Governance
5170:615 (3) Student Services and Disability Law
5170:720 (3) Topical Seminar:  Capstone

Total Principalship Master’s Program: 30

The Principalship Licensure Program is an option in educational administration designed to prepare a candidate for an Ohio license to practice as a school principal and is built on two components: completion of the current Principalship master's degree from The University of Akron and those post-master's courses listed below.

Post-Master’s Licensure Courses - 12 credits

5170:602 (3) Management of Physical Resources
5170:603 (3) Management of Human Resources
5170:695/696 (3+3) Principal Internship

Total Principalship Licensure Program: 12

To obtain a license to practice the work of a school principal through the College of Education, the candidate will have a total of 42 post-baccalaureate hours, a master’s degree, completion of a supervised two semester internship in the area in which the candidate seeks the license, successful passage of the state licensing examination, and completion of a statement of good moral character.

Those returning to complete licensure requirements must see a program adviser. This is critical for those who completed their master's program prior to 2007.


In order to complete the principalship licensure program, a student must successfully complete a two-semester internship for 6 credits. The internship is done after the student has completed the Master's coursework. Typically a student completes the internship while continuing to work full time as a teacher in his/her current school. The internship always begins in fall and is completed the following spring. PRAXIS II in educational administration must also be taken and passed in order to receive credit for the internship.

In the spring preceding enrollment in the internship, a student must obtain an internship application form and complete it. The student’s adviser must sign the application form before submitting it to the internship coordinator. Information sessions about the internship are usually held in February on campus.