About the Program

The College of Education's Principalship program prepares candidates for Ohio state principalship licensure through a master's degree and post-master's component. This rigorous program prepares candidates to meet national standards for educational administration. These standards, based on the Interstate School Leadership Licensure Consortium (ISLLC), are currently used by Ohio (and over 30 other states) to evaluate educational administrators. A valid teaching license is required for admission.

In 2009, The University of Akron’s programs in educational administration were nationally recognized by the Educational Leadership Constituent Council (ELCC) because of the effective ways standards are incorporated into our educational administration programs. Course work reviews and prepares candidates in the knowledge, disposition and performance in six areas:

  1. visionary leadership,
  2. school culture and instructional leadership,
  3. school management and organizational leadership,
  4. community collaboration and leadership,
  5. ethical leadership, and
  6. political and legal leadership.

A seventh standard of the ELCC also requires extensive field-based application through a real and sustained internship. All seven of these standards are thoroughly emphasized in course syllabi and candidate assignments and assessments. It is necessary that a candidate be employed at a school to complete the assessments required for the program. 

Placement of Graduates

Our principalship candidates secure jobs in private, public, correctional, and alternative schools. These positions are as site-based principals, assistant principals, or related administrators.