Tracey Lambdin
Principalship Graduate, Summer 2013

Tracey LambdinMy first teaching position was working as a small group instructor.  The growth and hard work I saw from my students ultimately lead me to The University of Akron to obtain licensure as an Intervention Specialist. I found that the faculty not only cared about my learning, but shared my core values in education as well.  In my tenth year of teaching, I continued my education and obtained a Master’s of Science degree and enrolled in the Principalship program at The University of Akron.
The College of Education faculty’s real world experiences and knowledge base enabled them to answer the tough questions of classroom teachers while inspiring us to fulfill our aspirations and reach for the stars.  They took time out of their marathon teaching schedules to meet with me, even at the oddest of times, due to my restrictive schedule.  Each course had purpose and meaning, designed to make the transition from teacher to administrator easier.
In spring of 2013, I used the knowledge learned in the Principalship program to move into a leadership position.  I soon realized that the rigorous instruction of the program was an essential part of my ability not only to do my best, but to do what is best for students.  Through their development of future leaders for the 21st century, The University of Akron has become a great asset not only to Akron, but to its surrounding communities.