How do I know if I'm "on track"?

    1. Two sets of crossing railroad tracks

      Look at your Program Plan. Can’t find it? Take a photo ID to Zook 002 and they will get you a copy within 2 days.

    2. Check off the classes you have taken. Make sure you have a ‘C’ or better in your education courses.

    3. Make a list of what you have left to take.

    4. Check the cyclical schedule of classes (currently being updated) to plan ahead.

    5. From your list of courses left to take, plan out your final semesters. Be sure to consider how many courses you like to take at a time and when courses are offered.

    6. Your GPA overall, and in your teaching fields, must be at least 2.5 in order to student teach and graduate.

    Things to Remember

    Course Substitutions

    • If you believe you have taken courses which substitute for courses listed on your program plan, contact your adviser to have a “Program Change Form” completed.

    Student Teaching

    • The semester before you student teach, you will need to complete a Student Teaching Application prior to enrolling in student teaching.  The application and associated deadlines can be found on the Student Teaching website.

    Ohio Assessment for Educators

    • You need to pass the Ohio Assessment(s) for Educators before being placed for student teaching. You should take the appropriate exam(s) at least 8 months before you plan to start student teaching. To learn more about which licensure exams you need to pass, and to locate additional information on exams, go to


    • Deadlines for graduation applications are:  May 15 for Fall Graduation; September 15 for Spring Graduation; and February 15 for Summer Graduation. (All dates are approximates; for actual dates go to the Registrar's website