Program Description

The 10-week exchange program from February to April 2011 is composed of a seminar and practicum. The program includes a weekend excursion to Washington DC as well as opportunities to participate in various cultural events.

The Seminar

Participants attend a daily seminar providing English language courses, an introduction to the U.S. educational system examining history, culture, politics and educational topics relating to program goals during the initial two weeks.

The Practicum

For the remainder of the program, participants work with mentor teachers at schools throughout the Akron area and take on the responsibility of instructing and managing classes in their respective disciplines.  Additional time will be spent observing and interacting with students.  Weekly colloquium sessions at the University of Akron provide participants with an opportunity to share their experiences and observations.

Program Support

Accommodations will be provided to participants at Quaker Square Inn during the seminar and with host families during the practicum.  Akron International Friendship coordinates the home stays.  Health insurance is provided through the Department of State’s Accident and Sickness Program for Exchanges (ASPE).