The Franco-American Teachers-in-Training Institute is pleased to announce a professional development opportunity for program alumni. Learn more about our new competitive mini-grant project. We hope you will consider taking advantage of this funding opportunity. Applications can be submitted at any time, however, application due dates of March 30 and October 30 have been established to encourage submissions.

Download the flyer for more information


U.S. and French exchange participants and mentor teachers are invited to apply for FATITI Mini-Grants.


To extend professional development opportunities and international partnerships and to foster the development of productive and global-minded citizens.


Mini-Grants ranging from $100 to $500 each will be made available to applicants to support projects that:

  1. Use techniques learned from foreign colleague to develop effective curriculum in the classroom
  2. Build a partnership between French classroom and U.S. classroom
  3. Develop a Unit Plan to promote study of French (language, culture) in the U.S. and Franco-American understanding.

This is not a comprehensive list of fundable ideas. Rather, applicants are encouraged to creatively examine ideas and their unique needs and experience and submit a proposal for their proposed project.

Applicants should develop a structured teaching plan to accompany their project that can be posted online and shared with other alumni.

How to Apply

Applicants are required to submit a brief proposal containing the following:

  • Contact information of applicant
  • A general description of the proposed activity/ project including its purpose, content broken into smaller sections/ lessons including an explanation about how it will benefit the students, classrooms, colleagues, schools involved.
  • Details about the proposed activity – who is involved in presenting, how many students will be impacted, timing, evaluation, etc.
  • A project budget detailing your proposed expenses. You are encouraged to be creative to keep costs down.
  • Outline of planned follow-up activities.

A Project Report will be due 30 days after the completion of the activity along with the required structured teaching plan to be posted online and shared with other alumni. The report should list who was involved, a description of the results including outcomes of the grant, and a report on expenses. It may also include any suggestions for ways to enhance the FATITI mini-grant process.

Proposal Deadline

October 30 and March 30 each year

Award notifications will be made within 30 days. Projects should begin within 60 days of award notice and must be completed within 6 months of the award date. Each applicant is eligible for only one FATITI Mini-Grant per year.

Grants will be considered and awarded based on the strength of the proposal and the availability of funds.

Grant proposals should be submitted to:

Diane Hergenrather
Project Coordinator
Franco-American Teachers-in-Training Institute
The University of Akron
Akron, OH 44325-4205
(330) 972-7980 Phone
(330) 972- Fax